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Smoking is Just a Habit, It Is Not Hard to Change

Updated on September 26, 2011
habits are learned young usually
habits are learned young usually
sometimes others help you learn a bad habit
sometimes others help you learn a bad habit

Behaviors, Most are Learned

The definition of a habit is a learned behavior, a compulsion, an addiction, a custom, or a practice. There are many more definitions but these cover pretty much the basics.

From a very young age we learn to do things repetitively. Over and over we practice something until we do it correctly or do it well. Habits, good or bad are all learned in this same manner. The good habits, like eating right, brushing our teeth, taking a shower, are learned as children when our parents repeat over and over to do things. Eat your vegetables, finish your dinner, and so forth until the child conforms is mostly how we learn to do the things that are good for us.

On the other hand, smoking and some of our other learned but bad habits, are not taught to us in the same way. These things are also learned by repetitive means, but usually by friends, peers or someone that we may even look up to as a mentor. Once a habit is picked up or learned, it may seem difficult to undo, or unlearn, but it is not impossible.

I am happy to say that the method I took to drop my cigarette habit, worked for me, and I have not smoked since last December. It will be one year come this Christmas that I last smoked. I must say that it wasn't real easy, but it wasn't that hard either. It really comes down to one single act, and that is the act of deciding.

Once you make up your mind, and make that mental decision, and mentally commit to a course of action, this is when and only when others can help you. Nobody can do anything to change the habit or habits in your life until you yourself commit to saying, "I Decide." Once you say those words, or mentally think those words, "I Decide" then you will be able to do something about changing those things that you want to change.

It is very self empowering to make this decision for your life. Nobody can control or do a thing until you decide for yourself. Once you realize that you do not need the approval of others, Other peoples approval or acceptance does not do this for you. Deciding to make this change, once you do it, is so self empowering that once done you know in your heart that this is all you need to do to get this habit under your control.

Secondly, there are things that you can do to enforce you decision. Self hypnosis, or reprogramming your brain can be achieved by doing some very simple homework assignments. The main part of this for a smoking habit, is simply taking the time to get a notebook, just for this, and write this sentence three times a day, and at least fifty times each time.

I hate the way cigarettes taste.

I hate the way cigarettes taste.

I hate the way cigarettes taste.

Take your time and if you like you can even turn it into a handwriting improvement thing too. Believe me when I tell you that by the time you write this sentence fifty times, three times a day, that right around day four or five, you will pick up that cigarette, and when you light it, it will taste like you are smoking garbage to you. It is as simple as reprogramming your subconscious mind into thinking that you have made the conscience decision to quit and now your subconscious mind doesn't like the taste. When you get to this point, you really are done with this bad habit.

A couple of other things that you can do is to not light your smoke when you have the desire to have a smoke. To have an unlit cigarette in your hand, and in your lips sometimes eliminates the urge you get for that oral fixation you get. Just having smokes that you can have if you want also helps the craving. If you do not have access to smokes, sometimes you crave them because you know you do not have them.

If you do mess up and smoke, it is not the end of the world. Just begin again, knowing that you already made that decision to stop, and now it is just a matter of overcoming the details. The want to stop is there, and the rest will follow.

Give it a try, what have you got to lose, besides a bad habit.


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