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So Easy!

Updated on March 29, 2013

The snow keeps coming and the hearty daffodil reminds me of my space in life. Mine is not to cower and wilt, but to hold my stature even when I feel bogged down. The snow will soon be gone and the little daffodil will stand tall. So must I.

The winter blues is a very real disease. But there is hope and ways to hang on until Spring actually arrives.

The snow seems to want to stay. I do not welcome it. I'm a shut-in when it comes to cold weather. I want out! The weather beats me down. That is, if I allow it to.

1. Open the curtains/blinds, even if it is not sunny outside. Make your home as bright as possible. Use the wall switches if you must. LIGHT is essential in developing a good mood.

2. Have a goal of doing something for someone else. You will never know how great the feeling of satisfaction is until you are doing something for someone else. Their joy at your unconditional love brings your heart joy.

3. Do something for yourself that you have been putting off. Read a book, look up an old friend, take a long walk. Whatever it is that brings you peace and happiness. Do it!

When the weather is kind, open your windows and feel a breeze.

Listen in the morning for the bird world and how it comes alive. Even though it is still cold in my corner of the world, I have been hearing the birds for about a month now.

It is exciting to look outside and see how the birds are already going about their business of building their nests and singing to me at the same time. (In my old age, I plan to become a bird watcher, I do!)

Nothing is so bad that it can’t get worse. :) However, the reality is, nothing is so good it cannot get even better!!

Each night, each morning and throughout the day I say a prayer of thanks.

It is amazing what blessings we have. Are you really aware that to be able to eliminate is a blessing. I kid you not. Some folks cannot. Being able to speak is a blessing. Some cannot. Hearing is a huge blessing. Many cannot. Walking, sleeping on a warm, comfortable bed… all blessings that many do not have.

It is a blessing to be able to see and know when someone is smiling or looking sad. You can take action because you can see and hear.

Others need us, whether it is voting for American Idol or Dancing With the Stars, or just lending a listening ear or passing out a hearty helping of joy.

Yes, we have needs too, and all too often they come to light when we have cabin fever. All the more reason to get outside of our selves and do for others.

One of my favorite poems I learned in High School is "How To Be Happy. It is written by an "unknown" author, yet has stayed with me the rest of my life. I am happy to share it with you, and leave you to ponder on it when you are sad and craving Spring.

How To Be Happy

Are you almost disgusted with life, little man?

I'll tell you a wonderful trick

That will bring you contentment, if anything can,

Do something for somebody, quick!

Are you awfully tired with play, little girl?

Wearied, discouraged, and sick -

I'll tell you the loveliest game in the world,

Do something for somebody, quick!

Though it rains, like the rain of the flood, little man,

and the clouds are forbidding and thick,

You can make the sun shine in your soul, little man,

Do something for somebody, quick!

Though the stars are like brass overhead, little girl,

And the walks like a well-heated brick,

And our earthly affairs in a terrible whirl,

Do something for somebody, quick!


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