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So Many Diets, How Do You Choose?

Updated on March 10, 2010

There are so many diet programs, diet books, diet pills, diet advice out there today that it can be very confusing and overwhelming. You see it on the TV on the internet and your Dr. has quite a selection too I am sure. So what do you do, how do you decide?

I have lost 62 pounds in the last year. I have been on many diets over the years. I have taken diet pills, I have even given myself daily shots. I always gained the weight back and then some. But I heard some good advice on Oprah one day, 'just change one thing at a time'  every few days or once a week, something to that effect. I started doing that. Not eating after 7p.m. Cut back on sugar intake. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Eat in moderation. Smaller portions. All good advice and it works for me.

I still eat what I want to a point. I rarely ever eat fried foods and if I do it's a piece. I seldom ever eat candy, cakes, pies or cookies. I do not eat much bread, potatoes or pasta. I love fresh veggies and fruits. I love fresh made soups. I really like boiled or baked chicken. I eat very little red meat. I love fish, grilled or microwaved. I have found that eating right is so much more sensible than these complicated diets many want you to pay out good money for.  Eating healthy is a self taught habit.

I have found that the more I lose the greater my determination is. I also have realized that if I tell people I am eating right they tend to respect where I am coming from and don't push the 'let's go out to eat issue' or cook something that I won't eat. I still go out to eat but usually eat a nice salad. I do eat what others cook, but take small portions. I eat what is best for me so I will continue to lose weight.

I try to walk about an hour a day and I do my simple excercises to tone up. You have to chose what will work for you and just stick to it. Don't make it so rigid that you get burned out and quit. If you eat a good meal tonight, cut back on what you eat tomorrow. I also do not drink my calories. I drink a lot of water and from time to time have a caffeine free diet coke or Dr. Pepper. I drink tea with sweet n low in it. One thing I do allow myself is my coffee with cream and sugar in the morning. That is a comfort zone for me and I enjoy my quiet time in the mornings with me coffee.

You have to chose wisely and reasonably. It has to be something that is fairly easy to stick to. And once you start losing the weight, get rid of those clothes that are to big. Don't keep them around. Walk briskly for 30 minutes a day. Do your excercises and tone up. Excercise makes you feel good and helps you think better. It gives you the incentive to continue on. So it is a process of elimination. You must find what works for you.


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    • singlmomat52 profile image

      singlmomat52 8 years ago

      You go Girl!!! Yes just one small change at a time is a very good start. I still, from time to time, have a piece of dark chocolate. It is good for you in moderation. And there are times too that I will have 1 bite of what I like to soothe that craving. It's all in controlling the cravings. Thanks for your comment Dim!!!

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 8 years ago from Great Britain

      I do so agree with you that you have to find what works for you. If I was told I could never, ever eat chocolate, my diet wouldn't last a week.

      I've eating smaller portions for over a year now, and often eat a little of what i fancy i.e.cake or chocolate.

      Healthy food doesn't have to be boring. This is the best diet of my life. I've lost 3 stone over one year. Not exactly 'crash diet' but I think I will keep it off if I lose it fairly slowly. Thanks for all your tips. They will help to keep me going.