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How to chose your melon and prepare them.

Updated on July 22, 2014

What melon will you chose?

There are so many different melons which are considered either a watermelon or muskmelon.

Muskmelons are generally like the cantaloupe, honeydew and many more. The most popular melons include the watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. However there are some unusual varieties of melons at your local supermarket. Some of them have different and spicy tastes to them, so I am going to go over a few varieties.

  1. Seedless Watermelon - The name pretty much tells you what it implies, 90 percent of this melon is water. It is the most popular out of all the many varieties of melons. It has a smooth exterior rind either red or green in color and is sweet, juicy and usually red inside. This melon has vitamin C and contain more lycopene than tomatoes, which is an important antioxidant that helps us fight disease. This taste better when it is very cold.
  2. Cantaloupe - This is another popular melon in the US and this melon is actually called a muskmelon. It has a rough netted khaki-colored skin that provides the most beta-carotene and vitamin A in the entire melon family. The interior has an orange flesh, sweet and light fragrant smell to it which is an indicator to its ripeness.
  3. Tuscan-Style Cantaloupe - This melon is way sweeter than a regular cantaloupe. It has a rich honeylike finish, they are smallish, round to slightly oval melon. Exterior color is just like a cantaloupe but has prominent striations encircling the melon that changes from a dark green to a golden cream color as they ripen.
  4. Honeydew - The sweetest of all the melons and averages between 5-6 pounds. It has a creamy yellow rind when ripe and pale green flesh. They are best from June through October, but are available year round.
  5. Crenshaw- This melon can weigh up to 10 pounds. They have a unique sweet and spicy flavor. They are a hybrid between a Casaba and the Persian melon. It has a yellowish skin and salmon-colored flesh. The season for this melon is August and September, with the fruit season beginning in July and ending in October.
  6. Orange Flesh Melon - This melon is a cross between the Cantaloupe and a Honeydew. It is fairly round, with smooth skin and a creamy white rind. The soft flesh is a orange color and has an earthy-mango like flavor.
  7. Juan Canary - Football shaped melon that has a bright yellow rind. This melon variety became popular on the Canary Islands, hence the name. They have a white flesh with a crisp texture; sometimes a little pink color can be seen near the seeds. The melon is quite fragrant.
  8. Casaba- This melon is unlike all the other melons because it has no aroma. It is a large melon that is pale yellow when ripe and has a white flesh with a sweet taste.
  9. Santa Claus Melon - Also known as the Christmas Melon, it is shaped like a small watermelon and has a rind with blotches of dark green and yellow or light green. Its flesh is a pale green and very sweet and juicy and taste like,e a Honeydew melon.
  10. Seedless Mini Watermelon - It is about the size of a cantaloupe or smaller, making them perfect for a few people. This mini watermelon is very sweet from the very first bite to the rind. The flesh contains a lot of juice and can vary in color from deep pink to the usual deep red.

Heart Shape Watermelon

Watermelon Shapes

In Japan there has been some experimenting on different shaped watermelons.

After some time they had success with the heart shaped watermelon, the square watermelon was not ripe when they cut it open. It would be ideal however to ship it having the square shape.

Square Watermelon

Several ways to eat and prepare melon.

You may wander and ask, now that I bought all this melon, (if you go out and buy a variety,) what you an do with all of it? I will give you a few examples and ideas of what you can do and how you can prepare to eat the melon if you have not already tried it before.

  • Basic - Cut in wedges and eat alone as a fruit bowl of melons, you can use a melon ball utensil to make the balls. Add any of your favorite topping or sauce. Mine is lemon juice and chili. Others may like mint or cocktail melon balls. There are many flavors you can drizzle over the melon.
  • How about watermelon snowcones.
  • Have you ever used a desert bullit? You throw and fruit through it and out comes a cold desert like ice cream.
  • You can juice it using a juice machine and if you have no juice machine then use a blender and take a mesh strainer and strain it into a glass and drink up.
  • Watermelon Salsa - Recipe:
  • 3 cups of finely diced seedless watermelon ( about 2 1/4 pounds with the rind)
  • 2 jalapeƱo peppers, seeded and minced
  • .333 cups(s) chopped cilantro ( about 1/2 bunch)
  • 0.25 cup(s) lime juice
  • 0.25 cup(s) minced red onion ( about 1/2 )
  • Instructions: place everything in a bowl stir well to combine then add salt and serve at room temperature or chilled. This takes 20 minutes to prepare. This recipe I found on

As you see there are many ways you can eat and prepare your melon.

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