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So You Think That You Can Dance?

Updated on February 9, 2018
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Mother of 2 daughters and grandmother of 6. I have enjoyed writing online since March 2007. It is my work, my play, my hobby, and my passion


Dancing May be More Than Just a Fun Activity

Most Senior Centers host events to keep the spirits and health of seniors in as tip top condition as possible, and at one of these events, this is working beyond anyone's preplanned expectations.

One theory is that the dancer releases a flood of endorphins into his/her body whenever he or she dances and it is this flood of endorphins that is the reason for the temporary cure.

So lets get into explaining here exactly what an endorphin is: Endorphins are neurotransmitters that are found within our brain. When we exercise or participate in a pleasurable activity such as smiling, laughing, dancing or a really good sexual experience then they are released. These neurotransmitters travel through our spine sending feel good signals throughout our body.

The message that these send out is one of intense pleasure. They are feel good neurotransmitters, and have the amazing ability to reduce feelings of pain, as such they are also our body's very own natural pain killer.

These endorphins have a chemical composition similar to that of a little drug commonly known to us as Morphine, they also have similar pain killing properties within them to Morphine, and can be very important to those who live with chronic illness.

Do you enjoy dancing?

It's Good for You but do You do it?

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Could Endorphins be the Key to a Remission?

Now this is the point where my lazy old brain goes into think mode (and trust me this is something that doesn't occur too often so when it does it is indeed a major event). Perhaps dancing is capable of a tremendous release of these endorphins because it is both exercise and a pleasurable activity?

Perhaps these endorphins are the key to a possible long term remission from a number of illnesses?

My crazy but remarkable theory is: If the effect of endorphins is really powerful enough to cause the symptoms of Parkinsons to disappear when a person is up dancing then perhaps attempting to keep a steady flow of them occurring in the body for as long a time period as is possible, might in effect bring about a respite from illness long enough to thereby create a more permanent remission period for the sufferer?

Perhaps the long term release of endorphins into an unhealthy body may give the body the break that it needs to heal itself or to in effect create a self induced long term remission for that sufferer? Sounds like a logical theory to me.

My daughter and her husband
My daughter and her husband

If You Aren't Out There Dancing You Should Be

Something strange has been occuring at Senior Centers across the country and the medical world is beginning to take notice.

Most Senior Centers host events to keep the spirits and health of seniors in as tip top condition as possible, and at one of these events, this is working beyond anyone's preplanned expectations.

People who suffer from Parkinson's disease are actually seeing the symptoms of their illness disappear when they are up on a dance floor dancing! Those inflicted with this illness love it. The medical communities are intrigued and want to know why?

Although the reasoning why this occurs is not yet known there are a few guesses as to why it might.

It's Fun to Dance as a Couple but You Can Also Dance Alone

Get Dancing - It is Good for You

Now I don't think that a person has much too lose in this other than a little case of the blues, so what the heck, it sounds like an experiment worth trying.

You just have to smile, laugh, dance or do any other activity that brings you intense pleasure as often as you can. Whenever you put that magical little grin on your face or when you laugh or you dance, your brain will do a wonderful thing and release those amazing little somethings known as endorphins. Remember that the more often you let them flow through your body then the better you will feel.

Being happy and stress free is a highly important factor of good health. Keep the feel good feeling within you going by reducing your stress level as much as you are able to. Live in your own little self created fantasy land where everything is wonderful and happy if you have to. Just try to shake off the daily stresses, relax, and get your happy happening.

Try to be as happy as you can for as long as you can. Do whatever it takes to get you laughing. Watch cartoons, read the funnies, play like a kid again, crawl into a tub filled with bubbles and little rubber duckies. If you don't have anyone else to dance with, then crank up your favorite music, and dance around your living room half naked (that's always good for a giggle or two).

When you are feeling stressed take a few minutes to bring yourself back into a more relaxed state. Put your feet up and have a soothing hot cup of tea. Just do it. What do you have to lose?

© 2008 Lorelei Cohen


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