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So, What is CrossFit and Why is it so Popular?

Updated on March 13, 2017

CrossFit is defined as a strength training system based on constantly varied high-intensity exercise. This means that it has gathered a lot of different exercise routines and sports (gymnastics, weightlifting, running, etc.), from which it selected the techniques that are best applicable to everyday life movements, and combined them into many different intense workouts. This turns out not only into a demanding experience during which playfulness and camaraderie take on a significant role, but also a great program that allows us to develop the ten general physical skills program: cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

Who is the best target for this kind of training?

Thanks to its high effectiveness as a physical preparation system, CrossFit was initially chosen by numerous military academies, police forces, martial artists, and hundreds of athletes worldwide as a conditioning program and strength training standard.

However, nowadays CrossFit has become popular among all sorts of people. Being a program designed to be easily adaptable it the perfect training system for anyone with motivation, regardless of age, gender, skills or previous experience. One thing that makes CrossFit great is that when you practice it, the same training can be simultaneously performed by an elder with cardiovascular problems or reduced mobility and a firefighter in top shape. The key is to work on intensity levels for each specific person by adapting loads, times and distances to continue the workout without changing the program.

CrossFit and its Community

We can say without a doubt that the community is a fundamental part of CrossFit. Being a member of that community implies that as soon as you start to practice, your family grows, since it now includes people with who you will share your sufferings and joys, with who you’ll train to look and feel better. We find this large family when we train with our partners in our box, but also when we travel and we are fortunate enough to be able to train with other partners in different places, but always under a common language: the CrossFit language.

On a smaller scale, the intrinsic community value of a box appears each time a sportsman encourages, supports and motivates their training partner while demanding their maximum effort. This takes us away from the solitude of classic sports centers and leads to a "brothership" with our comrades, with who we’ll always end up creating deep friendship ties. The entire daily atmosphere in your Box is about technical rigor and maximum effort, but also companionship, fun, and having challenges achieved and shared.

We suffer together and succeed together. We encourage each other. We urge you to overcome suffering and achieve success we never thought possible. Both inside and outside the Box we are a family. No matter your job, your home, or any other circumstances because in the end, we all share the same goal.

Why CrossFit instead of a traditional Gym?

Most people have passed through a regular gym, achieving poor results or just abandoning it for reasons ranging from lack of motivation to the inability to obtain the desired results.

There are many differences between a CrossFit box and a typical gym, but what makes the real difference that will help you reach the goals you set in your mind will be the fact that during a session of CrossFit you’ll have specialized trainers teaching you and correcting your technique at all times. Besides pushing you to overcome any workout laziness, they’ll do their best to keep motivating you into an exercise routine you’ll stick to.

CrossFit as a complement for your sport

As we have mentioned, CrossFit makes you work on all your physical abilities, so it is not surprising that it significantly improves the performance of any other sport. All sports have a common factor: they are physically demanding. Soccer, for example, requires you to develop a high aerobic capacity. And the more leg strength you have, the longer your strikes will be.

CrossFit is the perfect tool for getting the most out of your athletic performance.


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