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Soap for Eczema

Updated on April 10, 2012

Bathing and the use of lotions and other skin care products can contribute to eczema flare ups. Using a soap for eczema instead of soap that contains dyes and perfumes may reduce the frequency and severity of eczema rashes. A soap for eczema is just one of several skin care products that can help soothe the skin.

Allergies to chemicals in soaps and detergents can cause hives when the person is exposed to them. Eczema is not exactly like an allergy, but harsh soaps and detergents can irritate the skin and make the skin more susceptible to an eczema rash. Therefore, many people who have eczema find it helpful to avoid detergents and soaps that can cause dryness or inflammation.

Many over-the-counter soaps contain dyes and perfumes. There are a few types of soap for sensitive skin that do not. Since everyone's body chemistry is different, what works for one person to stop eczema will not necessarily work for others. Finding the right soap that won't irritate the skin is a matter of trial and error. The person may need to try several brands before finding one that does not trigger a flare up.

As strange as it seems, I had tried many different soaps for sensitive skin for my daughter when she was a toddler. Every type of soap that I tried caused dry, flaky rashes on her skin. I had tried all the "pure" and "sensitive skin formula" soaps for babies and adults. Nothing worked and I was getting frustrated. One day, I tried a regular deodorant soap and found that it did not cause a rash. So, that just goes to show how different everyone is. It can be extremely frustrating to find the right soap, but persistently trying new ones may yield good results.

My daughter has used that soap all through her childhood, but the truth is that a soap that is fine one day can cause problems the next. How a person reacts to a skin care product can change. That is why instructions for hair dyes strongly suggest that people do an allergy test every time they use the product. A person may have used that same product for years and suddenly develop an allergy to it.

A product that is marketed as "natural" is not necessarily mild. Some people assume that a natural product is fine for sensitive skin. Poison ivy is natural, but I wouldn't recommend rubbing it on the skin. Some people with eczema find a natural soap that works well to prevent rashes and soothe any irritation. However, a natural eczema soap will not work for everyone.

Some companies have designed soaps for eczema. They may contain moisturizers or other soothing ingredients. There are soaps for eczema that contain tar or other ingredients that are old remedies for eczema. When trying different types of eczema soaps, the person should read the ingredients. Some soaps for eczema can be misleading in the ingredients they contain. For example, some tar soaps are black which make the person think they contain a significant amount of tar. However, some black tar soaps contain very little tar.

There are numerous kinds of eczema soaps. Please visit this Eczema Soap page for more information about different types of soap for eczema.


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    • Sheila Wilson profile imageAUTHOR

      Sheila Wilson 

      6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I would bet that Dove for Sensitive Skin probably works well for some people with eczema, but it made the rashes worse for me and my daughter. That's what makes finding an eczema soap so difficult, because everyone's skin is different. I'm glad it worked for you.

    • Itchy Skin profile image

      Itchy Skin 

      6 years ago

      As an eczema sufferer myself, I have tried what feels like, 100's of cleansers over the years. The fragrances and dyes are very irritating and the one that works best for me which I just discovered a couple of years ago is Dove for Sensitive Skin with Nutrium. It is very mild and very moisturizing. Good luck to you and thanks for the article!


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