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Sober and Out of Work, How to Deal with Being Unemployed

Updated on January 20, 2016

Sobriety Is Most Important During These Times!

Lost My Job, What do I do?

Sobriety is a daily mental stability that a few million of us go through each and every day. Some of us follow the Alcoholics Anonymous groups that are widespread around the world, and live our day sober and for long periods of time. There will always be obstacles in our way as most people would have this happen in thier daily lives. However being new to sobriety or even someone with a few years of sobriety, losing a job can really blow your mind.

Dealing with a job loss, is not the end of the world , even though it may appear to be. If you have long term sobriety, you know that God will pull you through this one obstacle as he has since you gave your life over to God. Unfortunately , few people really have a higher power they can rely upon , and this causes for a problem with the alcoholic who loses his faith in God because of this unplanned outage from life.

Belive me, it is not the end, and just like the AA book says or implies if we work hard enough on ourselves that things will come out just fine. I have found this to be provable and realistic, so don't go and grab that bottle just because you lost your job. It is another test in your faith towards God and your self. Alcoholics never stop growing , the more years you have behind you the more stable you might be. To lose a job , means to lose your potential income , but if you honestly have tried to run with the AA Program you will have help from not only family members but networking for a job could be as easy as going to a meeting and discussing your problems with losing a job. There just might be a job there waiting for you to be had. Therefor , do not lose hope, as it is easy to get on a pity potty for yourself and give up. There are several resources out on the internet that will help you as well.

The best thing you can do first off is not take a drink because of this job loss. You never know who will calll you the next morning for an interview out of the blue. Yes, this happens and I am here to attest to this. Giving up is not in your vocabulary if you have a strong presence in Alcoholics Anonymous. You know this and I also know this fact. Life throws obstacles in ur way which use to baffle us. Now we have a grip on our lives, does not mean to let lose and get down. Hold your head high and wake up early in the morning and get on the Internet and start searching for jobs in your area. You do not have to move, there is something close by to you, but it may not be seen yet.The job may not be what you want , but it is good to prepare yourself for interviews and whats best is getting use to interviews again. Each step you seek to gain employment will be a step forward in finding that perfect job. There is a reason that you lost your job and if you put this in a positive manner, all will come out just fine with finding another position in life. No, God has you in mind and he is watching over you and as you begin searching and dressing as you would to go to work , even if you are not working, it puts a area of confidence around your being.

Losing The Job!

Your Sobriety is Most Important!!

From day one when you decided to take steps in staying sober you had a hard time as most of us have had in getting your life together, but it did come together if you worked the program and recovered through the fellowship of AA. Remeber this is most important to stay sober, even if it has been six months with no job. It may seem like an eternity but it will change if your willing to change your attitude.

One thing I have noticed about most alcoholics that are sober is that they are very intelligent human beings. Most in AA are very intelligent, but others who view us may not see this behavior , because they see the outside of our lives or our past. In AA we discuss our family , living, and jobs that we have been through and are still dealing with our problems. This is no different in being without a job, and surely you can accept a job that may seem beneath you for your sanity. You know that your friends in AA will support you , if not your in the wrong AA group.

The answers will come to you about a new position in which may be better than than one you had. Keep this in mind, because that might put a smile on your face. Please talk about your struggles and seee your accomplishments as you go throught the whole hiring process. You don't have to worry about drug test, and hopefully your background is pretty clean , even with past being incarcerated , however it does not hurt to tell the future employer that you have been sober for a number of years and have made a change in your life. This has been an advantage for myself in proving that I will show up for work when needed, as you know some people who drink do not show up for work on a Monday or Friday because they drank too much the night before. I , even have read where these are the best days to go through a door and ask for a position with a company because their star employee is always is late or never shows up on these days. It could be a benefit to try a few of these ideas.

Keep Pushing and Don't Give In

This is a startling time of your life and sobriety and do not let it get you down. Go to AA Meetings when you can't get a interview or feel just flat worn out. It helps to stay busy doing something that you might have not had time for. This includes writing like I am right now as I am in the process of changing jobs. I got down and out but nothing could make me even think about drinking the situation away. Are you this strong? I bet you are, and give yourself credit for reading this article and I hope it helps in the way it helps me write this article. I am busy trying to help others in the same position I am in. You will be amazed at the help that will come to you since you are sober.

You are not the drunk who lost his or her job . You were sober and something happened that you lost your job , possibly by no fault of your own. You keep working the Internet for jobs and then you will get some answers from a few people about openings, and then just make a decision to go through with an interview because you need practice, even if it's not that job that you want. God bless and keep pushing forward , don't look back, that is the past!


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