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Generic Soft Contact Lens Solution: Helpful or Harmful?

Updated on July 11, 2013

Soft Contact Lens Solution

Soft contact lens solutions have come a long way in technology. No longer are contact lens wearers required to use heat or special enzyme tablets to clean their lenses. Disinfecting solutions are so much more convenient, inexpensive, and just as effective (for disposable contacts).

Multi-purpose disinfecting solutions serve as a one step cleaner. They can be used to rinse, store, and lubricate the contact lenses.

Are Generic Solutions Safe?

Generic solutions available at Cost-co, Walmart, Target and other department stores are safe to use for all types of soft disposable contact lenses. These solutions are just as effective and significantly less in price.

Caveat: These solutions are not regulated in the sense that one batch of generic will be completely different than another batch. Whereas, for example, one bottle of Renu Solution will be absolutely identical in chemical composition as another Renu bottle.

Please READ: If you have sensitive eyes, please stay with the brand your eye care professional recommends to prevent a sensitivity issue.

Do you use Generic Contact Lens Solutions?

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    • robhampton profile image

      Rob Hampton 4 years ago from Tampa Bay, Florida

      I usually buy the cheap stuff, as long as the ingredients are the same. I think most of them contain boric acid.