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Soft Contact Lenses

Updated on March 15, 2010

I'd like to encourage you by saying that my first time took more than 3 hours and I was crying in rage. However second time it only took 20 minutes and after third day I was comfortable with putting on and removing lenses.

How to Put in Soft Contact Lenses:

-Wash your hands and try to dry them with a towel that doesn't leave fibers. Don't forget that eye hygiene is very important. Your eyes can get infected very easily.

-After you wash your hands just practice if you are comfortable with touching your eye. Pull down your lower eye lid with you middle finger and look upside and try to touch the white part of your eye gently. You should try to get used to it so that you can touch your eye without blinking. Ladies who are used to eye make-up are more comfortable with touching the eye.

-When you start to feel comfortable with touching your eye open your lens box and get the lens gently on your right index finger.

-Pull down your lower eye lid and look upside so white part of your eye gets bigger. Slowly place the lens to the lower part of your eye. (If you can't stop blinking you may use your left hand to hold your upper lid)

-First the lens will touch your eye and than you will feel your finger.

-When you place the lens on your eye leave it there, look straight again so that the lens is placed on your iris and blink slowly and be sure that lens is staying there.

-Repeat the same process for the left eye (use your right hand to place the lens again).

How to Remove Soft Contact Lenses:

-Remember to wash your hands before you take out your lenses.

-So first fill your lens cases half way with lens solution.

-The easiest way to remove the lens is to slide it to the corner of your eye, it would wrinkle and get much easier to handle.

-Use your middle finger to pull down your lid.

-Use your index finger to gently touch the lens and slide it to the corner of your eye (you don't need to touch your iris you can touch the edge slide it down).

-If you are removing the right lens, slide the lens to the lower right corner of your eye. You will see the lens is wrinkled and you can easily grab the lens between your thumb and index finger.

-When you remove the lens, place it on your palm and rinse the lens with the solution (follow the instructions on your solution. For some brands you need to rub your lenses with solution).

-Place the lens in case and fill the case with solution.

-Repeat the same procedure for the left eye. (You may use your left hand for removing the lens from your left eye)


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    • profile image

      amber 6 years ago

      Great! I used your technique and after an hour i finally got them in!! Thnx soo much! :D

    • profile image

      amber 6 years ago

      Ok thnx alot! Im going for my appt. In an hours time, meanwhile im gonna practice touching the white bit of my eye.. *fingers crossed*

    • profile image

      S Currier 7 years ago

      Thank you SOOO much for this aricle. Today was my first day of waring soft lenses and my first time removing them. I tried the way the dr instructed me to, no way was that working! But your instruction let me remove them both after three tries each...THANK YOU!!!

      S. Currier