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Some Asthma Diminishers

Updated on May 17, 2010
This is a photo of the lungs having a asthma attack.
This is a photo of the lungs having a asthma attack.

Asthma Types

Without know what type of Asthma, this is hard to answer for me. Is the asthma allergy induced or because the lungs are weak which sometime herniated. Myself, I use to have asthma really bad, but mine was because I had obesity and the weight made my lungs weak. I had a gastric-bypass lost the weight and the asthma is gone. This is not to say go and have this surgery to get rid of asthma, I also had other medical problem due to the weight.

My youngest son also had asthma when he was a child, (now 18yrs) and was bad. But, his was allergic induced, because of food and some natural element growing around the area we live in, i.e. grass, trees and mold. His lungs were weak also, I got him into indoor actives that would build up his lungs; Martial Arts, dance, and swimming.

All of these teach you how breathing techniques, to help strengthen the lungs. I would do breathing games with him too. These are also good for adults. I kept him away from the foods that caused him to have attacks. I stated to notice he was having less attacks, so then I ventured him out into soccer. I talked with the coach and explained to him about his asthma. Did not want to pay the non-refundable money, for him and he not be able to play.

The coach did not have a problem with it. In fact he said that most of the kids on the teams have asthma. That is why the parents put them into it. It helps build up the lungs, teaches them how to breath. When they see that other kids have asthma, they are more relaxed.

My half sister on my Fathers side, now 19ys old, hers was so bad she had to have the nebular machine. Her mother got her into track when she was 5yrs old. By the time she was in the 4th grade, she was just using the inhalers. When she got into Jr High School she was off all of it. She is now in her first year of, College on a sports and arts (track& dance) scholarship.

I also have two grands that have it theirs was inherited from their fathers. Both were on machines, my grandson he is just on the inhaler and its as needed. My grand daughter she was diagnosed with COPD and does still use the machine, but not nearly as much as he use too. My son taught my grand son to swim, which made him better and my granddaughter is in the second level of swimming now.

Take up a activity that will teach you breathing techniques. Moderator your attacks as to how often they come and when. Also if you can afford, invest in a air purifier they are expensive but worth it. If you can't use organic cleaning products, also keep your vents cleaned, the coils behind the refrigerator, up under the stove.

Lungs with COPD; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Lungs with COPD; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Some know and Unknown triggers

I do hope this helps some, try and stay away from things that trigger it. Invest in a medical alert ID band they can help save your life or someone you love.

Smoke and smokers; sometimes just the smell of smoke on a person or where they were smoking at will trigger asthma.

Dust Mite; use a allergenic filter in you vacuum, furnace and AC keep the filters changed

Foods; Dairy, Soy, Peanuts, Corn this dependent on what you are allergic too.

Medication/Vitamins; A lot of people do not know that both of these are made with peanuts or some kind of nut oil. Check you medication ask the pharmacist to see if your medication will cause an attack or if allergic to peanuts check to see if made with peanut/nut oil.

Also, there are some non-food items made with peanuts/nuts that trigger asthma. They use the outer parts of the nuts to make these everyday thing we use;




stuff you use for crafts

the stuff that is put into quilts and toys (stuffed ones)

These are just a few though. Check the links below they have some real good information there about this.



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    • FeniqueS profile imageAUTHOR

      A F Stiger 

      8 years ago from Home

      Hi Billy young,

      Thank you for the comment I loved reading it and appreciated it also. Both my son and I use to take the Advair. I must agree it can lead to death. But when we stopped using it our asthma did not worsen. I also have two grandchildren on it..well use too one the med was changed it was not helping. But making it worse, the other he is suppose to take, but we noticed that he had fewer attacks with he does not take it.

      My son's asthma is more allergy induced, all of them drink over plentiful amount of water, I make sure of that. My self I have to watch very closely my intake amount of fluids. I had kidney failure a few years ago, so now I have to be very careful not over fill (so to speak)them. I know it sound crazy, that water/fluids will harm kidneys, but true. And I do not want to go back on dialysis again.

      Thank you again, Billyoung,

      Take His Care, and His Blessing in your stewardship of helping others with their asthma. I think that is so wonderful, we need more like you. I truly believe if we did the social life style we know now would be Oh so much better.

    • billyoung profile image


      8 years ago

      Fenique, unfortunately, Big Medicine and Big Pharma have it all wrong when it comes to asthma. Their expensive, and dangerous medications do nothing to attack the cause of asthma. They just treat the symptoms, like all of thier pharmaceutical products. Do you know that one of the "side effects" of Advair, a widely used asthma medication is death from asthma attack and if you stop taking it, "your asthma symptoms may worsen!"

      Dr F. Batmanghelidj, a University of Pennsylvania gastorenerologist, discovered that most asthma is the result of deydration in the body. It is a defens mechanism against the loss of more water by way of the lungs, water vapor. He proved that just by increasing the amount of water you drink everyday you can get rid of asthma!

      I know this sounds outlandish, ridiculous even, but it worked for me. I cured my lifelong asthma at the age of 66. I use to have to carry my inhaler around constantly, less I have an attack and not have it, which usually meant a trip to the emergency room.

      I have not used my inhaler for more than a year, and don't even know where it is! We also have three, (3) cats in the house, and you know that is a no no with asthma!

      I now help people like your son cure their asthma. There is no charge. God Bless You!

    • FeniqueS profile imageAUTHOR

      A F Stiger 

      8 years ago from Home

      After I had the surgery my asthma stopped. The B12 I do know about, I have to take it all the time too. In doing the surgery, they take out or destroy a lot of the nerves that carry the B12.

      The lack of it does cause you to become so very weird tired or out of breath and you may even get the shakes or lose blood. Sometimes all of the above, but everyone is different. If you should experience any of these let your doctor know. I can not give medical advice nor will I try.

      These actions, if that is the correct wording. Happens when you have surgery of some type to the stomach and intestinal areas.

      But, thank you Tom Good Looking out.

    • profile image


      8 years ago



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