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Some Basic Health Questions Every Guy Must Ask His Lady

Updated on November 5, 2010

Do you know this?

As a young man in a relationship, especially if it is a budding one and a relationship that will most likely end up with both partners walking down the aisle; it is very important that you get more personal with your spouse and get to know some basic health issues as regards her. In order for you to know this, you have to get bold and ask her the following basic health questions as I’ll be explaining below.

Look at her, this is a Healthy Young Lady, Find out if yours is...

Ask to know if she is....

  • Are you a Virgin? This is the first and most important question in any relationship, this is so important because you have to understand certain chemistry as regards her sexuality and history; it’ll also help you find out if she had in any way been raped or abused or had an STD before, how many encounters she’s had and how often and so on. Getting to understand this, makes it easier for you when it comes to handling some complex issues which will have hither to been difficult ,resulting to tension and in many cases eventual break up. It is on record that at least one out of every ten girl child between the ages of 9-15, have either been sexually molested or victimized by an adult; many of whom are closely related to these young girls who repose so much trust and confidence in them, only for them to be made innocent victims of their trust. In many situations like this, most of these young girls who later grow up into adults become psychologically affected because of this unfortunate encounter they had at an early age. If they are not well handled, they will eventually carry this burden over to their future relationships. Cases like date rape are also on the increase, so you also need to know is she’s been a victim. If you get acquainted with all these, managing her anomalies becomes a child’s play. In event where she still has her virtue intact; taking care of her naivety comes in easy.
  • Do you feel a Lump there? Breast cancer is on the rise, many women especially in their prime have been diagnosed of breast cancer and a great number of these women die, but early detection remains the best antidote for every type cancer affecting the breast or any other vital organ of the body. This is why it is very important for you to know if she’s had people before her in her family diagnosed of breast cancer, for example the mum, aunt, sister etc. recently, I witnessed the death of a family friend a couple of months back  (precisely a year ago), she was diagnosed with cancer (not breast cancer anyway), but the diagnoses came a little bit late; the financial involvement by way of medical bills was so enormous, a family that could barely feed and pick their basic bills. But if it was detected on time, early treatment (probably chemotherapy) would have commenced and maybe she’ll have survived. This is also the case with breast cancer, if detected early, a simple procedure like mastectomy would have been carried out to save the mammary gland from getting infected. Getting to know by way of asking her, will eventually help her on the long run if she is anyway susceptible to breast cancer.
  • Are you always Dizzy, when did you see it last? Just recently, a good friend of mine just passed through hell when it was discovered that his girlfriend was pregnant with his child, since I am never an advocate of pregnancy termination, I advised him to allow the child to be. But the real problem of this young man was not that he was not disposed to the idea of having a child, but his real fear was in the area of finance. He felt he was not financially ready to father a child and also take charge of the responsibilities of not just being a father, but also a husband, but if he had taken the earlier initiative of finding out her cycle, asking her when she was last visited by the red man, such an experience will have been avoided, as intercourse will have been while the woman was out of ovulation, that is four days to her normal cycle or three days after it (you need to see a doctor to be able to ascertain this, as it could be different from woman to woman) It is very important that every young man in any relationship must make it compulsory to know the real cycle of his spouse, and avoid embarrassing the lady with “oh I thought you where on pills” when you’ll have done the most gentlemanly thing which is Zip Up!
  • Have you had a HIV test? Did I hear somebody say whoa! Yes HIV test. With the AIDS Pandemic spreading like wild fire especially in places like sub-Saharan Africa, South-East Asia and Eastern Europe; young people between the age ranges of 16-30 years are the ones mostly infected, because this is the sexually active population. Then it becomes pertinent for you to ask her if she’s had the test to save yourself the embarrassment and stigma that follow every HIV Patient. It has also been established that women are more susceptible to getting infected with diseases than men. Having a HIV test will help you know her status; but in any case, it is still important that both of you should carry out a fresh test to confirm both your status.
  • Hepatitis is a Killer, have you been immunized? Pamela Anderson will be drooling over now for this costly mistake she did after getting diagnosed of Hepatitis C after using the same tattoo blade with her ex husband and rock star Tommy Lee; though both are trading blames, we don’t really know who is the culprit here, but one thing we do know for sure is hepatitis is a killer especially the B-TYPE, and every year many young people (even women) assumed to be healthy JUST slump and die as a result of getting infected             unknowingly with the killer type B, this is the more reason why you must ask her is she’s been immunized, especially in countries where immunization against Hepatitis has not been routinely conducted and administered especially to Children and Adults alike.
  • Is your Mum Obese? Obesity is the major cause of terminal diseases like heart disease and diabetes, a high percentage of Americans and those who live in Western Europe are suffering from obesity. There’s one thing I know for sure, if her mum is fat, then she’ll get fat as she ages like the mum. Find out if the mum is fat, and maybe obese. If this is the case, routine exercise and constant work out will come useful, and then a sharp cut in foods with high fiber and carbohydrate content should be recommended. Once you get to fight obesity early, problems associated with it like heart disease and diabetes will become a thing of the past, and you and your woman will enjoy a blissful togetherness in the future.
  • How often do you eat this? It is quite unfortunate that many young women, especially in their prime are still grappling with the problem of over or under eating. Some are having serious eating disorders that they, instead of seeking professional help, now rely on peer advice. So make it a point to find out what she’s been up to lately as regards the kind of food she eats. Because it will be very painful if you find out that she has been busy getting fed fat or thin on scraps she calls food. I got really fed up with a female cousin of mine, when I noticed she has been very busy eating carrots every day in place of dinner. When I asked her, she told me bluntly that it look like I still belong to the “old school”; but it was stressful when the dad and I were busy a couple of weeks later trying to make her comfortable on her sick bed in the hospital, as she was diagnosed of having eating disorder, a plus for her stupidity you’ll say and a salute to the “New School”
  • Do you Smoke? With the attendant increase in cases of lung cancer most especially in women; then it won’t be wrong if you asked her this simple question, do you smoke? Smoking is not a very good habit; as a matter of fact it is deathly. A lot of smokers get to know the consequence of smoking during surgery; I was watching the hit plastic and cosmetic surgery program Dr 90210 on E! recently, where a young lady who was planning to undergo a face reconstructive procedure found out how fatal her smoking habit was; when the doctor that’s supposed to carry out the surgery refused going on with it. The simple reason is that as a smoker, your lungs could fail during a procedure leading to eventual death, so instead of risking a fatal surgery for a more beautiful face, the surgery was cancelled; pending when she is fully ready to kick the habit and also purge the high level of nicotine found in her blood. Please ask her now; Do You Smoke? As you wouldn’t know whose life you are saving next, think about it…

Stop! What have you been able to do as regards your relationship with your woman?

Do you think You have been bold enough to ask these questions?

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Other Important Questions will be...

  • How Many Bottles have you had? I find it really funny when I see a young man complaining of his girlfriend’s drinking habit. I was chilling out at a pub close to my residence one day, when a young man busted into the place and forcefully snatched the hands of another lady we presumed to be his girlfriend as she was busy beheading bottles after bottles of beer that I considered too much and not good for her. So Finding out the number of bottles your lady can hold on a spot is very important, it saves you the problem of dragging her home, it also reduces the chances of your woman engaging in immoral acts like sleeping with a stranger under the influence of alcohol; I have seen this kind of situations playing out on countless occasions. It was quite shocking recently when a guy caught his girlfriend cheating on him with his close pal, the young lady quickly blamed the whole incidence on too much alcohol she took while out with this pal, please my friend I don’t want you to have this kind of encounter, so make sure you ask to know how many bottles she’s had period!
  • Do you often Skip Meals? It is quite sad and alarming, the recent craze by many young women obsessed with the dream of having model like features; it has gotten real bad that most are working-out freaks and biological specimens worth using for skeletal lessons in the lab; all in the bit to have a sorry ass figure as tiny as Victoria Beckam’s six year old like waste. Some have resorted to skipping useful meals to the detriment of their body’s daily nutrient requirements. When I asked a lady I was dating a couple of months back why she picked on her meals when we were out for lunch the other day; She simply replied “I’m watching my weight., lest I become overweight and you wouldn’t like me” I was like whoa! What’s this craziness about some Naomi Campbell or is it Heidi Klum look? Must it be to the extent that you eat less or in most cases never eat at all?, please guys it is very very important that you find out lately what your lady is up to as regards how she’s feeding, or risk ending up with a lady that looks like a prototype of Kate Moss’s skeletal outline!
  • How frequent do you visit the Loo? When you are out with her or probably at home with her; is she always rushing in and out of the toilet with the excuse of easing herself? Well watch it, she could come from a family with a history of diabetes as this is one of the early symptoms, so make sure you investigate thoroughly. She might be oblivious of her condition, but further and gentle probing will do her a lot good, especially in knowing what the actual cause of her frequent visits to the toilet portends, other reasons could be too much liquid consumption like water and juice or even something more serious like an STD, all you need to do is ask.
  • Do you love it? The issue of the three lettered word S-E-X , have been a cause of most friction in many relationships, this is why you must find out what your lady wants, a lot of young men only look out for their own pleasure to the detriment of their lady’s, which to me is selfish, so make sure you ask her what she likes and know about this issue, it will do you a whole lot of good and save you unnecessary headaches and in most cases impending break ups.
  • Does size really matter to you? It is a widely held belief in many parlance that size is every thing, but there’s only one way to find out; and that is ask. Variety is the spice of life most people will affirm, but knowing what variety we are talking about is the main onus of the matter, in as much as size is every thing; the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Most ladies love large, big, normal, extra large or just about any thing or even nothing at all, so find out by doing what? ASK!
  • Do you take pills? Drug addiction must not necessarily mean sniffing some white stuff or smoking pot, but drug addiction can also mean popping some pain killers or aspirin every now and then for a non existent or imaginary headache. It could also come in the form of taking a few doses of sleeping pills to induce sleep or calm some frayed nerves after a very hard and difficult day. There’s every possibility that if your lady is fond of doing this, then she’s in real trouble as you will be saddled with the responsibility of helping her clean up her act by making her live normal without these drugs that is if you get to know on time. One other factor she could be battling with is a very serious psychological condition known as “Hypochondria”, a state in which some one worries all the time about their health and mental well being and the only way she can be sure of feeling fine and well is taking some crazy medication she obtained from a local drug store or probably following some health advise she saw recently in some monthly health magazine of which she subscribes. So if this is actually the problem with her, then you are up against some very serious addiction, and professional help is deeply needed here. However, your key to finding out the true state of the situation is through thorough investigation only possible via asking. You don’t know why she’s on any medication, it is your right to know boy, and so do what I always do, ASK!!!!

Is she suffering some kind of Addiction, this resource below can really help...

Then Finally...

  • You eyes look dull, what’s up Baby? You will be wondering why this is important, but if you probably know what insomnia means then you won’t be asking me why I got this question on this list. From medical records available to us; insomnia happens to be one of the most common disorders in today’s woman. It was men who were often infected in the past, but it is rather sad that more women are gradually joining in this unfortunate trend. This could be attributed to the recent economic and political advancements of today’s woman; they have joined the insomnia train. For those who don’t understand the jargon insomnia, it simply means “a state of sleeplessness”. The causes of insomnia are not only medical, but in most cases psychological. Today many women are bread winners of their homes, some are single with kids, others are top career women in the highest echelon of society, with this responsibility comes a big sacrifice, as most of these women needs to think and in most cases worry to death about the well being of their families cum social responsibilities. The result could be fatal in many situations resulting to Insomnia, a very worrisome medical or can we say psychological condition, which left untreated could result to complete insanity. So please help her if your woman finds herself in this rather unfortunate condition. Help her relax more, take off some burden from her shoulders, just be the man you are supposed to be, remember she needs a strong shoulders to lean on most especially now, and there’s just one person that can offer that support, YOU!

These are some basic but really important questions every Guy must ask his woman, join hand lets promote maternal health, because women are our mothers!


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      6 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Wow! Incredible and so true to ask these important questions. thanks for sharing.

    • chinemeremz profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank Twilightnera for your comments, sorry if I sounded a lil harsh on the fat sisters, my intention was not to deride anybody- my bad.

      Thanks for finding some of the questions useful.

    • twilightnera profile image


      7 years ago

      Some of the questions are good like did you have an HIV test. Other questions are not good like is your mom obese. Obesity may run in the family but a women controls her own weight.That could seem really offensive.


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