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Some First Aid Tips

Updated on October 22, 2011

Anyone can suddenly and unexpectedly face a life-or-death situation that requires quick action. You could be with a loved one who has a heart attack ... you might be babysitting a child who burns herself with hot water ... you may face a victim of a fall who is now unconscious ... or you may come upon a traffic accident with injured victims. Will you know what to do? Will you have the resources to take proper action? Unfortunately, many times the answer is ‘no'.

Accidents and mishaps occur without letting anyone know. But you can make some arrangements and preparations for it so you can surprise those accidents in return. How? Well, it's very simple, keep a first aid kit (at home, in your car and you can carry a smaller one with you in your school bag) and if possible get some first aid training as well.

One thing that we must keep in mind is that first aid is assistance or treatment given to a casualty for any injury or sudden illness before the arrival of qualified medical assistance. If you think you cannot manage to give any first aid treatment, be honest, no need to feel guilty, even by calling a doctor or an ambulance in time would be a big help.

Well, actually what is more important than even first aid is to keep yourself calm. Because what mostly happens is that if someone close gets injured, some people just sob away the crucial time until the doctor comes (while a few even forget to call for help). This precious time can be utilized in making the wounded or sick person somewhat comfortable or even doing something to relief the pain. A calm and controlled first aider will give everyone confidence that the event is being handled efficiently and effectively.

Whether it's bruises or severe injury or illness you should always call a doctor. Sometimes (as in the case of head injury) you won't be able to figure out its seriousness as there would be a bump on the victim's head. While making a call for an ambulance you should mention these things:

  1. State of emergency. (Fire, naked electric wires, car accident, etc.)
  2. Stay online until they tell you to, because maybe they want to ask you something that you forgot to tell.
  3. Give a brief account of the accident.
  4. Make sure that you mention your address, nearest location (crossing, road or street), your name and phone number, if any.
  5. Ask them what you can do meanwhile to improve the patient's condition.

Make your own first aid kit

Do you have any first aid kit at home? Even if you do it's time to assemble you supplies and tailor the contents to fit in your family's particular need. For example, if there is a heart patient in anybody's family storing medicines that the heart patients should take in emergencies is a must. Try to make a separate box for it and don't put them in a box in which other medicines are kept - you will waste time searching for them.

And remember not to lock the box, because if the keys get lost it will be of no use. After arranging everything make it a point to restock the thing that runs out. Keep the box somewhere within your reach, but if you have younger siblings then it's better to store it in a place where they won't be able to reach.

Take a metal or a wooden box and paste a paper with "First Aid Box" written on it. It should have the capacity to store the following things.

  1. Antibacterial ointments.
  2. Gauze pads.
  3. A small cotton pack.
  4. Antiseptic liquids.
  5. Medical adhesive tape.
  6. Iodine or similar prepared pads.
  7. A pair of scissors.
  8. Disposable gloves.
  9. Handkerchiefs or small cotton pieces
  10. Pain killers
  11. Soap
  12. Thermometer
  13. Emergency telephone numbers
  14. Safety pins

What to do when...

When someone gets hurt or falls sick, check these things out. If you are home alone, call your parents right away and tell them what happened. Don't try to mend things on your own if it's out of control. Don't worry that they might scold you. So, what! It's more important to save life than being afraid of your parents.

Situation No. 1: Is he or she able to breathe freely.

What to do? If the victim isn't breathing freely check if something in his mouth is blocking his windpipe. If there is something in his mouth (food, chewing gum, etc), get rid of it. If it still doesn't work then artificial respiration is the only way out. If you think you can do it

Situation No. 2: If someone had a severe back or neck injury?

What to do? Please, don't try to move him. Try to keep him warm, by covering him with blanket.

Situation No. 3: If the person is bleeding.

Solution: Check his/her pulse. Raise that part of the body to almost 35 degree, by placing something under it (pillows or rolled blankets). Tie a knot a little above the wound.

Situation No. 4: If the victim, after the accident, is in trauma, or is crying in frustration.

Solution: Try to calm him/her down. But for that you shouldn't panic either.

Situation No. 5: In case of broken limbs.

Solution: Place two wooden flat sticks around the limb by means of bandages. Don't make it too tight as it will further increase the pain.

First aid training will help make the unknown a little less frightening for you. A disaster can be anything that causes human suffering. Whether it is a broken arm or a prolonged power outage, a blizzard or gasoline spill, there are a number of things you can do to lessen the impact and stay safe.

Life is a gift of God, and we all must try not only to protect our own but of others too.


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      7 years ago

      awsome so simple to understand thanks


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