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Some days I wish I was a Guy!

Updated on March 23, 2012
Me and my best guy friend.
Me and my best guy friend.

Well not really....

What I mean by this statement is that I wish I could do what men do sometimes. For instance I will tell you about today. I have to state first that I hate borrowing anything from anyone. I mean it makes me worry that I will lose, break or forget I borrowed the item. For this reason I would rather not have to use anything of someone else's.

So back to my story and thought of the day "sometimes I wish I were a guy". I texted my neighbors asking to borrow their mower. Mine is broken, new carburetor on order but not in yet so I am stuck having to borrow, which I hate. So I go across the street to borrow the mower which has no gas. I run back home put gas in the mower but only have a gallon or so. I start to mow and all is well until the mower starts to sputter. I think "it needs more gas". So off to the gas station I go to fill up both my containers.

I return to the farm to put gas into the mower. I take off to continue and it still sputters. I am now in a panic. My worst fears have now materialized. I somehow managed to put bad gas or do something to break Joey's mower. The dread I feel as I call him is huge. He does not answer his phone so I leave a message "call me". I now call his wife, I tell her what is up and if she hears from him have him call.

I pace the house wishing I had not started to mow. I also wish my mower was fixed and that I was not in this position to once again borrow. Luckily Joey calls me and says he thinks he knows the problem will pick up a part while in town and be right back. Whew. Relief.

Then he pulls into the driveway, part in hand like a white knight in shining armor. Geez he makes it seem so easy. He can diagnosis the problem, pick up a part, show up with the tools and fix it in less than 2 minutes. This is when I wished I had the knowledge that he had. I also wished I was as good with tools and that I could diagnosis the problem so quickly without freaking out.

Many a time I have had this fleeting thought. Especially when it comes to physical strength like when I need to put up 300 bales of hay and my body gets too worn down and the boys just keep going. Of course they are half my age but I still want that strength. That is when I wish for their physical strength and knowledge. Do I ever want to be a man with a penis and with their thought process, no way. I love being female just have times when I wish I had just a little of their strength and knowledge when it comes to such things.

Luckily I have the best neighbors, friends and men in my life to help out when I cannot do such tasks. I am truly grateful to all you men out there that give a girl a hand when she needs it. Not sure what we would do without you and I don't want to know.


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