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Some like it spicy

Updated on January 3, 2016

The spicy side

Cayenne peppers have long been used in many culinary delights to add flavor, heat and color. The pepper is used in either it's solid form or a powder and is known to cause an intense heat sensation on the tongue and lips. The peppers aroma is strong, pungent and stimulating.

Not only does it produce flavorful food, the fiery pepper contains vitamin A, E and many of the B vitamins. This spicy vitamin pepper is classified as a fruit and is even being added to some energy drinks.

Cayenne pepper powder
Cayenne pepper powder

Not just for food?

Nope, it's not just for food. The Cayenne pepper has been used in both medicine and foods for around 9000 years. Many use the essential oil from the pepper which is obtained from passing steam over the seeds that are inside the pepper. Besides being famous for soothing achy muscles, there are many ailments this pepper is believed to provide relief from;

  1. colds
  2. congestion
  3. arthritis
  4. rheumatism
  5. fibromyalgia
  6. headaches
  7. psoriasis

Many of these pesky problems are treated not by ingesting the pepper but creating salves and ointments. Typically, Cayenne pepper essential oil does not mix well with other oils and is mainly used with just a carrier oil.

Quick headache oil

  • 4 Tablespoons Cayenne Pepper powder, powder
  • 1 Cup Olive oil, carrier oil

Infuse your powder

  1. Mix the olive oil and cayenne pepper powder into a mason jar.
  2. Place the mason jar into a pot of water. The level of water should reach about half way up the mason jar.
  3. Bring water to a boil and then immediately remove from heat.
  4. Allow to cool while the Cayenne powder is infusing into the carrier oil
  5. To relieve headache, massage a small amount of the oil into your temple area.
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A word of warning

While Cayenne essential oil can provide relief from many irritants, the pepper, powder and oil can also be an irritant. It can cause skin, eye and nose irritation so make sure you are conservative in use. Always research any oil before using and follow all warnings on any labels.


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    • profile image

      Brenda 2 years ago

      I am so glad you wrote about the Cayenne. I think the array of peppers do not receive enough attention with their hidden abilities.

      During a daytime talk show one of the guests provided a recipe for detoxing the digestive track with water, a smidgen of cayenne, lemon and apple cider to drink in the morning.

      I enjoyed your article, very nice read.

      Thank you!!