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Songs That May Help You Deal With Death

Updated on August 18, 2016

What Is Death?

As you may know, Death comes to us in mysterious ways. We never know when Death will strike or how the Grim Reaper will touch us. For all we know, the bony skeleton man could be standing behind us just waiting for our time clocks to hit zero. Dying doesn't have an age, gender, or race. You're just another soul to the call and another item for the collection.
Death can be anyone or thing to appear before us when our time is up. He or she doesn't have to be a bony skeleton person that you already knew. Nope. Death could be a loved one, pet, childhood friend, superstar, or an anime character. We all know that dying ends the one's pain, but what about the living's pain for losing that loved one?
In this article, I'm going to share with you some songs from my playlist that I think you'd love to hear when dealing with grief.

Within Temptation - Memories

In grief, you'll remember the bad and good times that you had with the person. From the time that they helped you with a problem to fighting with you about something. Memories are memories, no matter what they are. That's what Within Temptation - Memories is about: Remembering the loved one's memories and keeping them in your heart.

Evanescence - Even In Death

Everyone knows that Evanescence's songs are about beautiful/dark melodies that understands one's self. My Immortal and Hello are known as their hit grieving songs, but one may forget another grieving song from them.
Even In Death is about denying the fact that the loved one is really gone. The person may believe that the loved one is still alive and is playing tricks on them. Example: George Weasley denying the fact that his twin is actually dead.

My Chemical Romance - Cancer

My Chemical Romance is known for their 'emo' songs, but one needs to understand that these emo songs have meaning.
The Ghost Of You, Helena, The End, Famous Last Words, Welcome To The Black Parade, The Light Behind Your Eyes, etc., etc., are great grieving songs but Cancer stands out the most. Even though the title is about a genetic disease and the patient's point of view. It's telling the listener that the loved one wasn't ready for death like they (the living) weren't ready for losing them as well.
"Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you."

Gackt - Kimi Ga Matte Iru Kara

Kimi Ga Matte Iru Kara is by the Jrock (Japanese Rock) singer Gackt. The title means You'll Be Waiting. It's about love in the afterlife and how their love will never change, no matter what. The song is in Japanese, so if you need of translating the lyrics, I suggest you the following websites: (This one is a video)

Daesung - Baby, Don't Cry

Baby, Don't Cry by Kpop (Korean Pop) boy group Big Bang's Daesung is a heartwarming song about accepting the fact that death is another way to live, and how the loved one will always be by your side through the good and bad times. Because this song is mostly in Korean, has the English, Romanized, and Hangul lyrics on their site.

"Someday you’ll shine, please give me your smile." After a huge storm, there is always a rainbow afterwards.

Remember That Some People Will Grief Differently

Many people will blame themselves for a loved one's passing. They may not eat, shower, go outside, or anything that they've done in the past. They may have suicidal thoughts. If you or someone you know is suicidal or having suicidal thoughts, please call your local suicide hotline for help.

Suicide Hotlines Worldwide
Suicide Hotlines Worldwide | Source


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