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Sound Healing

Updated on February 16, 2013

Uni - verse

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God" (John 1:1).

The entire Universe (Uni-verse = one voice) can be expressed as sound and when we use sounds to represent energy we cut through the limitations of using words. Sound is not just 'heard' by our ears but is felt by the entire aura. Sound healing is a powerful way to rebalance, resonate and align the chakras through toning them with their particular sacred vowel sounds.

If you have ever meditated using the Ohm mantra then you will know how easily it cuts through everything and brings you to Oneness.

The Sacred Vowel Sounds

The sacred vowel sounds that I use for balancing the chakras either in meditation or during a sound healing are:

Base Chakra - Uh (as in huh)

Sacral Chakra - Ooo (as in you)

Solar Plexus Chakra - Oh (as in go)

Heart Chakra - Ah (as in father)

Throat Chakra - Eye (as in I)

3rd Eye Chakra - Aye (as in hay)

Crown Chakra - Eeee (as in me)

These vowel sounds are not set in stone, whenever I hold a toning meditation circle I always stress that any intuitive sound arising overrides any tone that you have been told to make.

Whenever we feel a block in our toning it corresponds with a block in the energy flow of that chakra but if we continue to tone the block is eased and the voice comes more readily. During a group meditation everyone tones in their own unique way until eventually the toning of the entire group will come together in harmony.


Using The Human Voice

Sound can also be used to directly express stuck energy within the human energy field and provide a means of expression and thereby release. Energy can manifest in many different forms and the human voice is the perfect instrument to carry all those forms of expression whether by the healer or the recipient.

One of the benefits of using the human voice to express energy is that there are no structures that needs to be adhered to, we can babble like a baby or swear like a trooper or tone with set mantras or anything that we feel like. With such diversity and no set structure the mind cannot so easily interfer with the healing process or get in the way of releasing ourselves from the limitations of the ego mind.

Quite naturally there are no right or wrong sounds and we can use this to our advantage.

When we go deeper into a healing experience words become too cumbersome as a means of expression, they take too long and cover little ground. Yet everyone is able to immediately recognise and empathise with a deep wailing of grief that transcends all language barriers and touches us all deeply.

Anyone who has ever breastfed a baby knows the tangible effect of a baby's cry on the body!

It is the ability of the voice to deeply touch every aspect of our Being that makes sound healing such a powerful tool for healing.

Healing Session
Healing Session | Source

The Healing Session

Sound healing can be incorporated into a healing session just by using the voice to tone the sacred vowel sounds into the chakras, or to tune into the energy of the body and to "voice" the energy being felt.

It is highly beneficial for the recipient to also join in with the sound of their energy but it's not compulsory. Certain sounds and energies can be expressed via the healer's voice and then the newly cleansed area can be toned with the appropriate tone for balancing.

These healings show the awesome power of permission. Quite often the recipient is a little reticent about making any noises in front of someone else, this is a perfectly normal part of our social conditioning and as such is an aspect of what keeps us in darkness.

When the healing recipient hears the healer recreating sounds and yet maintaining a loving and safe environment it can give the recipient the confidence or belief they needed to step out of their own self imposed comfort zone and begin to feel safe enough to let their own natural voice emerge and express itself.

Inner Child Lullaby
Inner Child Lullaby | Source

For Self Healing

A really beautiful and simple method to use sound healing for your own self healing is to sing a melody to your own inner child.

Find yourself some quiet time and space where you won't be interrupted, so you won't have to feel self conscious. Use something to represent your inner child such as a stuffed toy or a pillow that you can hug to your chest, close your eyes and bring your younger self to mind.

As you begin to feel yourself experiencing unconditional love for your inner child start humming. You don't need to hum any particular melody, in fact it's much better if you don't hum a known tune as that begins to bring the mind too much into the moment and the beauty of sound healing is that it cuts straight to the unconscious or hidden aspects to give them a voice.

Just allow the humming to continue, perhaps it will become a lullaby but maybe it won't. It doesn't matter, just let all the loving thoughts come to mind without any need to create a song.

Our bodies have an innate healing ability so if we trust the energy and allow it to emerge naturally we will nurture our inner child.

Repeat this exercise as often as you can and watch how you and your life changes. Sound healing can and does bring miracles.


This hub concentrates on using the human voice for sound healing but it is also possible to use instruments.

A friend once gave me a sound healing using her didgeridoo which she places on different parts of my body.

Another time a friend struck a huge gong whilst I sat in front of it. I could feel the amazing reverberation of the sound travelling through my body and it made me laugh a really deep laugh. Everyone around us looked over to see the cause of my strange laughter as they has never heard anyone laugh like that before (me neither!)


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    • SaraGardner profile image

      Sara Gardner 5 years ago from Finland

      I can imagine that the harp is a really soothing sound, perfect for melting away stress. Any recommendations?

    • profile image

      naturalife 5 years ago

      This is very useful information on sound healing. When I'm stressed, I use gentle harp music.