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Self -Talk and Self-Harm

Updated on July 18, 2013

Creating Change

If you believe someone is creating your life, you are living a lie

Do you doubt this statement? Is it inconceivable to you that only you have created all the drama around you at this present moment? If you are having problems with this, it is understandable. Please continue to hear me out, for there is a way out of the mess you are in. If you believe someone is creating your life, you are actually living a lie. I do know how often this suggestion can create anxiety in a person, as well as denial. However, there is truth to this statement, plus at this moment your mind is right now speaking tomorrow’s reality into existence. You are not alone, for everyone is doing this on a daily bases. You are speaking your life into existence through your reactions. Reactions are different than actions because they are based on emotions without a logical base. Reactions stem from our fears, which are guiding us through our own subconscious mind.

Every person who is reading this has had encountered bumpy roads, and will again go through periods when the road becomes torturous, as it adds its’, bends, stops and an occasional u-turns. There is no one who is exempt from this. We will encounter loss, be it a job, relationship or home, yet some people seem to ride out these circumstances better than others. The reason for this is how they have learn to process those events that counts.


Do you blame, make excuses, or use your past in your everyday self-talk?

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What is this process, and how it works?

The process is your thought patterns via your emotions. Do you get angry, depressed or frustrated when your life is not happening in accordance to your will? Do you take everything that has happen to you on a personal victim level? Do you easily blame others for your lot? Do you see life as living in hell –on-earth? If this is your view of life, you are creating it as your own reality. You are mentally, orally and emotionally speaking this into your existence, as you go through life. Your life has no choice but to act in the exact manner that you speak it into existence. Have you ever wonder how others, who have experienced great loss, live with joy and gratitude? Have you ever question how two people, who experience very similar situations, respond in two different ways? Each person has in their life a belief system. (I am not referring to religion or spiritual) that is presented to them on a platter. This platter has been created by their own truths, though these truths might not serve them. No one else is creating your platter.

We all are given obstacles that can be viewed by us with a victim conscious or a challenge. The victim resorts on their reactions, thoughts and opinions, which they totally believe in. The one who views it as a challenge, realizes a new adventure is beginning, and they are up for the task.

If you fear a certain outcome, that fear will present itself to you. What you fear must come alive, for you have affirmed it into reality through your speech and emotional output. Any event that affects you, is met by your words, deeds and emotions attached to both.

Wayne Dyer on correcting your mind

Truth about Affirmations

The truth about affirmations

Affirmations are always applied every day, without exemption. Most of us though are not aware of how we apply our affirmations. You are affirming every moment of your awaken state, and sometimes in your dream state. What you affirm to be true to you has to be presented to you in the manner that you speak. Don’t believe this? Think about your life; is it not basically the accumulations of your beliefs? Can you not see that you are using affirmations? Every time you affirm this is not happening, or it will not happen, you are shaping your future. It cannot be different, unless you change your old thought programing. Still, not sure if this is true? If your life is horrible today think back at the majority of your emotional attached words that leak out of you daily. You are speaking it into existence for it can be no other way. If you believe that life is treating you unfair, you will attract the situations that will prove you right. This can be in any area, or areas of your life from career, family, home or relationships. If you fear that you will never find the right person for a relationship, you are initiating this very thing into your existence. If you fear being homeless, you will put that on your platter. How do you do this? You do this through affirming your fears often through the day. These thoughts will build until they are materialized.

There are people who try to use positive affirmations, yet find they do not materialize. They are correct. Their everyday chatter is always the opposite of the positive affirmation. These positive affirmations do not have a chance to grow, since they are not nourished. Only affirmations that are being cared for are your everyday negative views. Yes views, opinions and ideas are also affirmations. If you are more subject to believing in them, no positive affirmation will alter them. You have to first recognize your fear is yours’ and only you can go through the fear and release it. This is what is often meant about fears being an illusion. Are you still not convince? We often can see this in other people, before we see it in ourselves. Have you ever spent time around someone whose majority of their words is about lack or if not lack luck? Isn’t it interesting that luck too many must play in the picture to cause a change? How many people believe if they only win the lotto their life will be good? They believe that luck is required for their change of attitude. This is faulty and we all know it. Luck is not going to change your life around, trust me. Let’s say you won the lotto, but your main speech is “I never have enough”, that lotto will disappear and leave you with nothing. I am sure everyone has read accounts of this transpiring.

Caroline Myss

Thoughts of Limitations

Habits of belief

Has what you read so far produce anxiety in you? You might have been trying for years to change your life around, and to no avail you have always turned up empty-handed. You might be thinking, I have read so much about how to obtain my heart’s desires, but nothing work. What am I doing wrong? Is this for real, or is it a scam? How do you change your existence? I am offering you just one branch of changing your life, which is the crucial point to master. In mastering, we must be present in the here-and-now, without a destination. You have to watch yourself like a hawk. This includes your speech and your reactions throughout each day. This is not a sometime thing, instead it is always being on guard. Your actions have to replace the reactions, and this means coming from a logical point. This does not mean logic is to be a nay-sayer. If you hear that little voice within saying oh this will never happen, you must realize that is your habit of belief. Your habit of belief is what has created your present day life. Habits of beliefs are pessimistic, optimistic or neutral. Now next time you wish to argue for your beliefs, ask yourself this question; is this belief responsible for where my life is going today? If it is, do you still want to continue to fight for your belief? If you answer yes, than realize you are enjoying the drama of that belief. You have to learn to let go of getting attention and having people feel sorry for you. This will be one of the hardest disciplines you will experience. We need to stop feeding our egos by getting addictive-types of attention.

Power of Intention

The intention of thought

Being in the here-and-now, you will want to pay attention to what you are speaking into existence, with one question that is asked often; is this the course of action I wish to materialize now? Are you being challenged today with a crises? How do you see it? Is it going to become the focal point of all your conversations? When you are visiting with family or friends, do you go on and on about your crises? Do you chat about it on an Internet posting-board, chat-room, or Facebook? Do you have the habit of relaying your crises as drama, anywhere you go? If you do this, remember it is what you are speaking into existence for tomorrow. Ask yourself this question, what do I get out of letting everyone know about the details of my crises? Does it make you happy, because you are getting attention? Is it better to get any type of attention than none? Must you tell everyone about them, or perhaps just a few people will do? Do you need to call attention to yourself by creating posts of anti this or that? Do you look for those posts that blame others or put down others to share with people? Do you find something to post that is a complaint? Posting in different sites is a wonderful past time, yet so many do not realize, they are speaking it into their existence. The written and mental thought together is a very powerful tool for manifesting tomorrow. I know people who do this regularly, and their life remains the same, year after year. I also know people who have changed this habit, and their life is a better place.

My intention for writing this hub was to teach you the power of thought. The branch I offered, paying close attention to your thoughts is crucial. You are the only one here on Earth who can change your life around. I am speaking solely on living life with joy and peace within. I have used the example of why two people who are experiencing similar events, have two separate realities. The only difference between these two people is their belief system. One is optimistic, while the other is pessimistic. One is grateful, and the other feels they are lacking. It really doesn’t come down to what one has materially, but what one has within. One knows their thoughts are things, and takes responsibility for their beliefs and thoughts, while the other focuses blame on everything outside of them. There is no way out of experiencing crises. Please realize that, for it is a scam or falsity to believe we can live life without loss, however we can choose how to travel through those period of loss, mourning and sadness. I hope I have brought to you the awareness of your thoughts, and you make the appropriate changes to shift your paradigm today.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Rereading Heavenleigh's comment, and it made me smile to realize what a world it could be if people really did understand the truth behind their thoughts.

    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you for the comment and understanding the blog. :)

    • heavenleigh707 profile image

      Heaven L Burkes 

      6 years ago from The Invincible Heart of Neverland

      Speaking success and happiness into the day! What a great world if everyone realized that another's success does not diminish, but only adds to our own! Thank you for these empowering thoughts!


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