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Speedy Recovery Tips for Injuries, Aches, and Pains

Updated on July 20, 2017
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Tomi has a certificate as a Happiness Coach. She can give ongoing support to people trying to attain their goals. She enjoys helping others.

Positive Thinking, Humor

It always helps to have a good sense of humor about your condition. Laughing helps to instantly give you relief from your pain and so does crying for that matter. So it's a good idea to read things that make you laugh (or possibly even cry) or watch shows that make you laugh. Distractions are always a good deterrent for pain. I personally just don't like to cry. I would rather laugh.

The Winding Road


Help to Speed Your Recovery

Here is a list of things to do to help you recover quickly:

  • Eat a well balanced diet with fruits, vegetables and proteins (I always try to do this one.)
  • Get more sleep (Yes!)
  • Take a nap (I am not able to do this one.)
  • Listen to music (This is always a nice distraction like reading or watching television.)
  • Drink chocolate milk (I like this one, yum!)
  • Drink tart cherry juice (Pucker up! I never tried this one to help reduce swelling.)
  • Drink lots of water (I always do this one.)
  • Cut back on booze (I have already started this one by limiting my alcohol.)
  • Foam rolling (I have never tried this one to help with soreness. Could be painful?)
  • Get a massage (I have never had a professional one.)
  • Rest your muscles (This is easy at times. We can always use some rest.)
  • Compression garments (My husband uses this one.)
  • Cold bath (It reduces soreness and inflammation, but sounds kind of scary, doesn't it?)
  • Try anti-inflammatory if prescribed by a doctor

Recovery Tips

Most of the list is science-backed tips to help your body feel better, faster. We all seem to have little aches and pains every once in a while. The tips should help you with fatigue and soreness. Who wants that, right? We all need to take some time to rest or have some easy workout days. I know these tips are helping me as I recover from injuries

Sleep Deprived

A good night's sleep can definitely help with recovery. Sleep deprivation can cause us to have significant negative effects on recovery. Getting extra sleep may help our muscles. You may want to take a quick power nap of 20 minutes during the day. I have never been blessed with the ability to take naps. I wish I could take naps, but it doesn't really interest me that much to take one either. I always feel like I might be missing something.

Alcohol interferes with our sleep cycles, getting to that deep, restorative state of sleep, and can cause dehydration.


Are you able to take naps?

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Time Heals Wounds, Be Calm


Stay Hydrated

Drink those fluids! Also, being dehydrated can cause greater damage to muscles and reduce the body's ability to repair itself. We want to do things that help us, not hinder us, especially during a recovery.

Drinking a lot of alcohol interferes with our sleep cycles, getting to that deep, restorative state of sleep, and can cause dehydration.

Generally speaking, research suggests no more than one a day for a woman and two a day for a man, when it comes to alcohol. However, if you are recovering from an injury, and especially if you are taking medications, you may not want to have any alcohol at all since it doesn't mix with a lot of medications even over the counter ones. It could be very dangerous to combine alcohol with prescriptions or over the counter medications.

Also, being dehydrated can cause greater damage to muscles and reduce the body's ability to repair itself. We want to do things that help us, not hinder us, especially during a recovery.


Listening to music can help aid you in recovery too and slow songs can help reduce blood pressure and pulse more quickly.


Eating a light protein snack before bed allows our bodies to keep repairing muscles overnight. Eating a breakfast high in protein in the morning after rest, helps us to recharge and helps to rebuild our muscles. Drinking chocolate milk kick-starts the muscle recovery and the chocolate carbohydrates help the body too. Having a protein smoothie or a protein-filled meal can help the body rebuild throughout the day.

Massage Poll

Have you ever gotten a professional massage after an injury and did it help?

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Feel Better Faster

We don't need to keep re-living any injuries (or your past). We don't need to keep thinking of that moment when we got hurt. You don't need to allow your negative thoughts from your past to keep making you suffer now. Life is here and now in the present moment. Past memories or thoughts only have as much power as you give them. Don't let the past mess with your present life now. Be happy from within.

I hope these tips and thoughts help you with any aches or pains you may be having. We all want to get over our injuries or pains as soon as possible so we can get out and enjoy life. Some of these tips can also be used for minor injuries from exercises or even used just in general for exercise. I'm going to try and apply a lot of these tips now so I can get out there and start doing my daily walking, my favorite way to exercise.

Inner Peace

As you can see in the video below by an expert, Lissa Rankin, healing from the inside is the most important part of caring for your body. Yes, we sometimes need medicines and surgery first, but you can help yourself from the inside too. By doing this, perhaps, you can save yourself from further surgeries or having further medical problems.

Dr. Rankin expresses how we need to care for our mind, heart, soul, and our inner pilot light. Dr. Rankin states we are born with our inner pilot light and we die with this light. This light is our inner true selves. Sometimes, people don't need the medicines and the surgeries to help with their aches and pains. Also, Dr.Rankin states healing from the inside, being mentally healthy, self-healing from the core, can be better than any medicine or any doctor, wow!

Shocking Truth About Your Health by expert, Lissa Rankin, MD

Have Peace With Your Past



Dr. Rankin states modern medicine has no idea what to do with the suffering epidemic such as:

  • aches
  • pains
  • depression
  • fatigue
  • anxiousness
  • tossing and turning at night

Further Reading

Please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments below and I will try to respond.

I have written more articles on being mentally healthy, positive thinking, and techniques. If you are interested in learning more about that, please read my other articles. You may want to start with my very first article, titled: "Introduction to Freeing Yourself From Your Problems." I have also written an article about recovering from injuries.

Thank you for reading.

© 2017 Tomi Smith


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