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Spending the weekend or the off day

Updated on February 26, 2012

Weekend - A time to enjoy

Weekend - We all wait for this day for the whole week. And why not? We are relaxed from our daily work. I am a homemaker and for me each day is same. But my husband has his day off on weekends so this gives me additional time to enjoy with my husband and daughter.

To start my weekend on a nice weather, i get up and do some exercises and yoga first thing in the morning. I make it a point to plan my day according to my daughter's entertainment. I prepare a nice breakfast. Meanwhile i spend a quality time with my husband and daughter by talking to them and playing with my daughter. We go out for lunch or dinner and also visit temple on weekends. We take our daughter to park or malls and let her play there for few hours until she is tired.

When the weather is not good, i finish off my chores and like to have good food at home. My husband helps me with my house chores and he enjoys his spare time with our daughter. We watch movies and TV serials. We play games at home. Some days when we don't feel like doing anything, we just relax and sleep.


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    • The Frog Princess profile image

      The Frog Princess 5 years ago from Florence area of the Great Pee Dee of South Carolina

      If weather is nice outdoors is my first stop to start a week-end. Relaxing in the outdoors and in my flower gardens is usually next. It helps to unwind, fresh air,

      sunshine and I am a happy person--opps also watching my two lil dogs run and play for my company.