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Why Me? Spiritual Reasons for Disease

Updated on January 30, 2014

Those who do not accept that life here on earth has spiritual origins think of disease as an unhappy, bad-luck-of-the-draw type of occurrence. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bad gene pool. Self-destructive habits. Environmental toxins. True, all of the aforementioned can negatively affect the body's ability to function properly. But there is more to the story of disease than that.

Why is it that some people can smoke, drink heavily, remain sedentary and eat poorly but still live beyond others who maintain optimum health habits? Or others with impeccable lifestyle habits die from contract cancer or any other myriads of diseases known to man? Is all this a matter of chance?

This information can be difficult for some who choose not to accept that there life is more than a biological happenstance in the cosmos. That as for life, this moment in time is it. That human beings, like all life forms on earth, begin at conception and end at death and that our lives have no meaning except to enjoy a brief blip of an existence like a dazzling but short-lived firework. Perhaps this is true for the physical body that we inhabit while here but man is more than this. He is more than the body. You can keep the physical body alive but it is a shell without consciousness.

Those who have experienced death and returned to their physical bodies all report that consciousness continues after departing the physical. Some, like me, have memories of our pre-mortal time. Many have experienced contact with their departed loves ones who return to provide messages not realizing that the most important message for everyone is that "life" is eternal.

This monumental fact changes everything we know, fear or dislike about disease.

While some wish to end their lives prematurely, strong-minded individuals all have an innate biological drive to survive. Life is precious. We know this instinctively. There are experiences that cannot be had anytime or anywhere else than in the here and now on earth. Life can provide unpleasant experiences but even so, we typically want to live as long as we can.

So when disease appears in the body, the natural reaction is fear and despair. Will this disease rob us of a long life? Will it cause us to suffer? What life experiences will we miss out on because of this disease?

It's true that having a disease changes your life and on the surface, it appears to change it in very undesirable ways. But as you have learned from life so far, you know that like the tip of an iceberg, there is a lot more to this than what can be seen.

This may be difficult to grasp when you're first diagnosed or if you are suffering from your disease at this point but many people say that their disease was one of the best experiences of their lives. Their disease changed their lives in a significant way. Even those whose physical bodies were not "healed" from the disease grew spiritually, accepted their disease with grace and were able to release this life and move on to be restored to wholeness again in the next phase of life.

Stress may cause the body to be vulnerable to disease, but peace restores all to its rightful conditions.

What are your beliefs about disease and healing?

I believe that disease is...

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Four Reasons for Disease

Human disease serves some purposes:

  1. Spiritual evolution. A pre-mortal choice. Disease can be written into one's life plan as a way for one to gain important spiritual growth, to learn lessons about what it means to be human with all its frailties and foibles. Disease allows us to experience the myriad of emotions that accompany a diagnosis, treatment and healing. Disease teaches even the unafflicted as they observe the afflicted and how they endure it.
  2. Physical interference. Not meeting the physical needs of the human body or interfering with the way the body naturally functions so its systems cannot operate.
  3. Spiritual (negative) bombardment. Lowering the vibration of the body with negative energy vibrations. It can come from without or within. Many of us attack ourselves spiritually with negative thoughts and feelings.
  4. Karma. Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect. But unlike how some religions believe that what you reap, you shall sow as a form of punishment, the truth about karma is that we retain our free will over whether or not we will return to experience what we have caused. It is our choice and our privilege to return to learn how our actions have affected others from their perspective.

Not every soul comes to earth as part of karmic evolution, however. This is why some religions "don't believe in" karma. For some souls, it exists; for others, it is not part of their spiritual reality.

Disease and spiritual evolution

If you're reading this, you must be open to spirituality which implies that you accept the existence beyond this earthly one. That is the realm of spirit while on earth, we have physical bodies that we depart at the end of our physical lives.

For those who believe that there is an existence beyond, life has purpose and meaning. We are not merely cosmic accidents in the Universe. Non-believers might challenge me to show proof. I have had remarkable experiences with my deceased loves one who have confirmed that the afterlife is true. Many others have, too. It is an oxymoron to have physical proof of a spiritual truth. "Blessed are those who do not have to see to believe." Can you see air? Only the evidence of it. And I have seen the evidence of it when my deceased loved ones return in spirit.

So why do we come to earth? It is part of our privilege to evolve. To grow in awareness in spirit. Earth provides unmatched opportunities for this. To experience what it is like to take on a human body. In spirit without a physical body, one cannot experience physical sensations. The embrace of a child, the kiss of a lover…even the relief of a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

But it is the human emotions that are most important to experience. Because those very emotions are powerful energy vibrations. Wavelengths of particles that traverse all dimensions. Think about this: Our greatest events in human history are driven by emotions. Love, anger, compassion, fear, hope, despair, wonder…and so forth. Emotions spur us to war, creativity, invention, exploration. If thoughts create, emotions are the fuel for creation.

Human life is a time to experience and practice wielding such great power.

Disease provides different spiritual learning opportunities.

Imagine the emotions that are felt when given a diagnosis that causes one to question the meaning of his own existence here. Disease is a life-changer.

No one likes disease or to be diseased but many who have overcome their affliction say that their disease was the "best thing that happened to them."

Also, disease is a way to exist this earth incarnation. Death, or the spirit's release from the physical body, must occur for one to transition from this life to the afterlife. You choose the way you will depart based on what you wanted to have experienced or gained.

Disease as physical interference

Physicians understand that the human physical body maintains a state of homeostasis, a system of internal stability, for optimum functionality. Disease is an abnormal condition that occurs when there is an interference of the body's ability to function.

Anything from accidents to genetics to improper care can interfere with the body's ability to function. Understanding the human body's basic needs and then meeting them reduces the chance of disease.

Disease from spiritual bombardment

Physicists have come to understand that everything in the Universe is made of particles of energy that vibrate at different wavelengths. The rate of vibration determines how this energy manifests, even into physical form. That means the physical body is a manifestation of such energy, too.

Negative or lower energy vibrations can affect the vibrational homeostasis of our physical bodies. Experiments show how, for example, raucous noise pollution causes illness in plants and animals. The government health agency is now aware of health risks posed by EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

Our thoughts and emotions are vibrations, too, and negative thoughts and emotions are of lower vibrations that can lower the vibrational homeostasis of a physical body. Your own thoughts and emotions are of utmost importance.

Can another person's thoughts and emotions affect you negatively? Absolutely. We allow this all too often. Grumpy moods are contagious as is laughter and joy.

Does this mean that someone can intentionally send you negative thoughts with intent to harm you, as in a "curse?" Call it what you will, but yes, those negative thought energy can affect you. Of course, you have the ability to withstand such outer influences by maintaining positivity.

Disease and karma

Unlike how some religions believe that what you reap, you shall sow as a form of punishment, the truth about karma is that we retain our free will over whether or not we will return to experience what we have caused. It is our choice and our privilege to return to learn how our actions have affected others from their perspective. Most of us, in a penitent state, choose to experience what we have caused for in so doing, we spiritually advance with this newfound knowledge.

Disease and its many roles

Disease can be a...




*reflection of mind

*karmic agreement between souls

Disease is not...

*karmic retribution

*divine punishment

*psychic attack or evil

But while disease plays an important role in the human experience, so does healing. Healing is the manifestation of the power of our mind-body-spirit. Healing is an on-going occurrence in our daily lives. The more serious damages to our physical body requires grander acts of healing which people call miracles because they do not understand how the process works. Once they understand the spirituality of disease and healing, they can more easily restore wellness by aligning energy and purpose.


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    • Lori P. profile imageAUTHOR

      Lori Phillips 

      4 years ago from Southern California USA

      Hi there. My ebook is very succinct. It's around 13,000 words. What is your book about?

    • manatita44 profile image


      4 years ago from london

      Seems you are referring to me, Lori. is that so? I would be happy to review the book. My book is about 75 000 - 80 000 words and that takes time. How big is yours? Cheers.

    • Lori P. profile imageAUTHOR

      Lori Phillips 

      4 years ago from Southern California USA

      Wow, thank you for reading. I would love to hear your insights on the ebook. Will be happy to send you a free download if you would review it for Amazon! :)

    • manatita44 profile image


      4 years ago from london

      Great and necessary HUb. Shared light on illness and disease much clarity.

    • Lori P. profile imageAUTHOR

      Lori Phillips 

      4 years ago from Southern California USA

      Thank you for reading, BK42author!

    • Bk42author profile image

      Brenda Thornlow 

      4 years ago from New York

      Awesome hub! I fully believe health issues fill spiritual roles in your life from which to learn and grow. Thank you for sharing. Voted up!


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