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Will I be healed?

Updated on June 9, 2014

When we think of healing and spirituality, images of faith healers lifting cripples from their wheelchairs or Jesus raising the dead come to mind. Healing has always been associated with miracles.

Healing is a miracle, and the human body performs such miracles every day, every moment. This is cause to celebrate the human body, to honor it with due reverence. We simply neglect to recognize the miracles around us, especially the one in which we walk around--our body..

Eventually, every body reaches the end of its lifespan. Death is simply the spirit departing from this physical vehicle, and disease can be a way for us to exit. So then why heal? To continue to live is the first answer but to learn from the healing encounter is the second.

Like disease, healing is a unmatched experience of grace, miracles and exercising our fledgling powers of mind, body and spirit. You have the power to self-heal. You have the power to heal another. You do so without realizing it and I'm not only speaking about the body's regenerating cells.

As mentioned previously, more importantly than healing the physical body is to heal the mind and open that pinched off connection to spirit so the energy can flow more freely and allow the body to do what it was designed to do: heal and live.

Your words and actions directly impact others and can help them feel better which helps them open up the channel to Source energy. Listening to a friend work out some upsetting emotions until he feels at peace is helping him heal his mind. Remember that continued mental angst that is stored can erupt as disease in the body!

So you help to heal others all the time. Do you hear of people say how much relief they get when they vent? That all they needed was for someone to listen? They expelled harmful negative energy! Just be sure not to own their discarded energy! Don't lament afterward, feel sorry for them (that is different from active compassion!) or worse, try to fix their problems. You can inspire and encourage but to attempt to fix their problems can cause you to take on all those harmful energies. (Can anyone say sympathy pregnancy? It works that way with illness, too.) Plus, you rob them of opportunities to work out their karma and to learn and grow from resolving their own lives.

Healing is a service to others. To heal others helps them transmute negative energy into positive energy that reverberates throughout the cosmos. You help elevate the whole of humanity, even the Universe itself.

To allow yourself to be healed also is a very positive karmic act because you provided an opportunity for the healer to provide service to you. There can be no healing without someone who needs healing. Healing and needing to be healed go hand in hand, karmically speaking.

To self-heal also has tremendous spiritual value. Not only does this experience allow one to learn how to direct cosmic energy but it is the ultimate show of healthy self love. Do not confuse healthy, spiritual self love for conceit or egotism. Remember that everyone is a part of the whole so to reject yourself and withhold self love, you reject part of the whole. It pinches you off from that universal flow of loving energy.

People who have experienced being healed by others, even when beforehand could not confess self love, report that during the healing they are enveloped in an all-encompassing field of pure love that is so pervasive that they love themselves for the very first time ever.

Indeed, love is the foundational tool of healing. Healing comes easier for those who already connect to Source energy and can love themselves in a deep, profound way. If nothing else, healing will provide an experience for the diseased person with this immense LOVE. If he can experience it, express it, claim it and bestow it upon all those he meets, then healing has done its job. While the physical body may not survive, the healing of the mind and spirit is true healing. Live or die, it matters not as his spirit continues wiser for this experience.

Of course when people speak of wanting to be healed, they're referring to the physical body. They want to stick around in the physical. The secret to re-aligning the mind and opening the spirit is to eliminate the strain of resistance in the body. Restore peace that is one's natural state.

In no way do I claim that I or anyone else, save for the higher powers that be, to cure or heal anyone. Healing really is up to the individual, his karmic plan, the grace of God and aligning the vibrations of his mind-body-spirit to higher wavelengths where wellness and well-being vibrate. He must resonate with those high vibrations (peace, love, gratitude, joy). He can and must do this for himself, either guided by healers in both physical and non-physical or helped directly by them.

What do you believe?

Do you believe we can heal ourselves?

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Will you be healed?

You may feel disappointed to hear the next phrase: Not everyone will be healed. But when you truly understand the purpose of disease and healing, that statement will not sadden you. Why won't everyone be healed if it is within his power to do so?

Some people will refuse to believe this information and the fact that healing is within their power. Belief is a powerful force of energy. In the Bible, Jesus taught that it was by faith that people were healed. Faith in the belief that He could heal them. He never healed a single person who did not have the hope or belief he could be healed or that Jesus could heal. Belief opens the portal to the healing. But it could require some to go through lifetimes of different experiences before reaching this understanding.

Some people will not be able to release their disease-causing thoughts and habits. Some people will not recognize that, although they follow the rituals of the healing practices, they do not "feel" the energies of healing which include the actual change in their beliefs that form the foundation of healing.

Some people are not meant to be healed at this time. This means that dying or departing from this earth from disease was written into their karmic plan. Free will is such a key component of our spiritual sojourn that even karma can be altered but most of us will receive such a tremendous benefit from the experience of dying from disease that they make sure that nothing, no impassioned and short-sighted earth plea, will change their destiny. Everyone must die of something and for many, disease is the vehicle of choice because of all its accompanying experiences for the dying and those left behind.

What about you? If you desire healing, do pursue it. Your desire means something. Don't worry about the ultimate end. Experience the process of healing. If you are meant to die from this disease and still heal your mind and open the flow to your spirit, your passing will be peaceful and beautiful. Your spirit will emerge on the other side in a higher plane.

To die with great mental agony, regret, anger or fear can cause a hiccup for you when you find yourself on the other side. That is how some spirits of deceased people cling to this earth dimension and end up becoming what are called ghosts. Others may be escorted over but have a lot of work to do to restore their vibrational harmony.

So pursue healing if not to heal the physical body but to achieve healing of the mind and the opening of spirit. If the physical healing is allowed in your karmic plan, it most certainly will be brought about by your efforts combined with the whole of Source energy of which you are a very privileged part.

Pursue healing with hope, gratitude, and willingness to experience whatever comes. Can you sense the lowering of resistance, of tension and stress, in your mind when you think about doing so?

This is an un-pinching of the flow within you. And behold, your healing has begun.

Healing modalities

Conventional medical treatment often uses only one healing modality to enact changes in the physical body but there are many ways to re-align the body's natural, optimal vibrational state. Spiritual counselors and healers use many methods with the mind-body-spirit modalities including sound therapy, Reiki energy, dream therapy, nature and more.

Learning about ways to self-heal empowers you to tap your own channel to unlimited resources of well-being.


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