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Vegetable Soup ... Let Nature Take Care Of You

Updated on March 19, 2011

Pure Heaven...Pure Health...The Secret To Good Health

First you have to start with Distilled Water Only. There is no other way to make a "Pure" Soup. Whatever vegetable you are using for Soup, should be rinsed/washed , and then rinsed again (after washing) with Distilled Water. Then placed in the pot of Distilled water (1Gal.) right away. Simmering is always better than a full boil. It allows the constituents to break down slower.

Everyone that has tried any one of the Soups I make, has told me it's the best they've ever had. I know why too, because there's nothing but the actual safe ingredients in it. No additives, no fillers, chemicals, or tap water. Natural spices are added generously twice, sometimes three times during a 2-4 hour cooking process.

Any vegetable used for this exact process will break down and become a wonderful thick creamy soup without any extra junk. Completely All Natural, using no dairy, or meat, and animal products. No canned Stock, No MSG, and no cubes of anything. Just Vegetables, and Real Spices. You can add Sea Salt according to taste.

All Spices that I Favor are Parsley Flakes, or Fresh, Garlic Powder, Pepper, 21 Season Mix (all Natural), Sea Salt (only), Onion Powder, Ginger, and a few others. You can Spice a soup in many ways according to your own likes, and dislikes. It's an area in cooking that's fairly easy to get into a good routine.

I feel really good after I eat 2 cups of Split Pea Soup, (2 Bags of Split Peas to 1 Gal. Distilled Water). It does something to me to a noticable difference. I "feel" healthy after eating it. Plus warm liquids are so much better for the body than cold ones. I eat Soup 2 to 3 times per week. Always with Distilled Water, and Fresh ingredients. I usually do not soak the Peas over night either. You can if you want, but you actually don't have to.

One Gallon of Distilled Water will provide two people enough for two days. It can also be frozen. Be careful freezing soups. It should be in a corning glass freezer safe type storage container, not plastic! Once it's Frozen solid, it can be tapped out of the glass and wrapped in wax paper, (tightly) for storage. It should be used within that month.

Storing Frozen Soup Blocks with Wax Paper is a safer, and fresher way to keep the natural soup. You can also place it in a brown bag, after it's wrapped in the wax paper. The Soup Block can be placed in any pot, or back into the same pot that formed it. It's a very convenient way of storing a large selection of Soup, that's ready to go!

Since warm liquids help the body, I'd imagine soup has a very good healing affect on everything. All Vegie Soups taste unbelievably good when spiced properly, and made with all pure ingredients. My husband says I should sell my Pea Soup, because of the way everyone reacts, after trying it.

The smell of Soups cooking has a very inviting, welcoming affect on people everywhere. It smells so incredibly good, that people generally cannot resist it. Whenever Soup is cooking, people always say: "Mmmmm...Wha't s that smell?" It's the Vegen Pot :)


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    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from The Island

      Thanks Vic!

      I'm glad you're creative :)

      Thanks for commenting

      Take Veggie-Good care of yourself! :)

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      10 years ago



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