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Sprained Arm, Broken Arm, or Did My Arm Pop Out of the Socket

Updated on August 6, 2015

Symptoms and Treatment of an Arm That Has Popped Out of the Socket

Whether you think you have a broken arm, a sprained arm, or possibly an arm that popped out of the socket, the pain for all these ailments can be extreme bad. Thus making it very hard to tell the difference between them.

We'll start with the arm that has popped out of the socket. This can happen very quickly without even knowing what happened except that you are in a lot of pain. The biggest difference with an arm that has popped out the socket verses a broken or sprained arm is that a lot of times it will just hang next to your body. This is because with it not being in the socket, it cannot be moved.

The treatment for this is that it has to be put back into the socket. This process can be extremely painful, but it is quick. Most people do not know how to properly do this so they go to the doctor or emergency room.

Symptoms and Treatment for a Sprained Arm

The symptoms of a sprained arm can mimic those of a broken arm or one that is pulled out of it's socket. The biggest difference is going to be you will be able to move your arm, and as time goes by the pain will slowly get less and less. Another indication that the arm is sprained is if you take pain medication it will ease the pain. It may not take it away completely, but it will ease it.

The treatment of a sprained arm is pretty simple, you just give it time to heal and take pain medicine to help control the pain. A lot of times though people will still get it checked out by doctor just to make sure there is not a hair line fracture. Which is still a break but very, very tiny.

Symptoms and Treatment for a Broken Arm

The symptoms of a broken arm are pretty intense. For one, if the arm is going in different directions or bone is showing it is broken. A lot of times though the symptoms won't be as pronounced as that, and an x-ray has to be proformed to know if there is an actual break or not. The pain will be unbearable if you have a broken arm. If you take pain medicine and do not get any relief, than most likely the arm is broken.

To treat a broken arm a doctor has to re-set it and then put the cast on it. This should not be attempted by someone who is not a professional because if the bone is not set correctly it will heal wrong.


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