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Is Smile a god given Gift?

Updated on December 2, 2016

Hmm...What do you mean by smile?Smile is a expression which appears on your face when you feel nice about something.It comes from within naturally ,directly from the heart.While the smile I am talking about is a 'genuine' and not a 'fake' one.

So how many times have you smiled in your life?Well actually its very simple,you can even count it on your fingers.To make matters simple I will list it down.

  • Your first day at college.
  • When you cleared your graduation.
  • When you get your first job.
  • Your first pay cheque.
  • When you get married.
  • You hold your new born in your arms.

Have you noticed any pattern in the above list I have mentioned.Of course yes.

  1. All these are 'firsts' which are unique and happen for the first time in your life in otherwise monotonous life.
  2. These are chain of events which occur one after the other.You can compare this to beads of a necklace.You might never know how the necklace would be if you miss out any of these.

This leads to a simple question.

Is smile a God given Gift or whether we are the architects of our own SMILE?

I feel its a mixture of both.You can compare life to a river where the flow of water is continuous.If you want to create ripples in it you have to throw the stone ,but,how long it will last that God only knows.Likewise,to bring happiness into our lives we have to make necessary efforts.Rest all depends on God.

So we can define smile as

  S - Special

 M - Memorable

  I - Important

  L - Long Lasting

  E - Enriching Experience

So whats your definition?

I would definitely like to hear from you.....




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    • flying_fish profile image

      flying_fish 6 years ago from GTA

      I spent a lot of time in my youth frowning - naturally. I often looked awkward in pictures because I was trying to smile on command...

      But then, as I grew older and wiser, and my desire to be happy brought me applicable wisdom, acceptance, a loving attitude, etc (not through deliberate action so much as periodic and cumulative revelation... that is to say, manifest divinity!!!) - just about everything brings a smile to my face, and just about everyone who sees it smiles in return, at the obviousness of its sincerity.

      I love your take on the origin of the genuine-smile. After learning the trick of seeing all things anew whenever I bother to take a real look "in-the-moment" - I find I simply can't help but smile!

      Keep writing from the heart, vrint, or risk being un-followed!! (lol)