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St. Baldrick's Foundation : Making A Real Difference

Updated on February 1, 2014
St. Baldrick's Foundation helps raise money and awareness to cure childhood cancer.
St. Baldrick's Foundation helps raise money and awareness to cure childhood cancer.

What is the St. Baldrick's Foundation

The St. Baldrick's Foundation was founded in March of 2000, when three business executives John Bender, Tim Kenny and Edna McDonnell decided to make their industry's St. Patrick's Day party into a head-shaving fund raising event. Their goal was to have "shavees" get sponsored to shave their heads, in a sign of solidarity with bald children undergoing chemotherapy treatments, as a way to raise money for research to find a cure for the under-funded childhood cancer research. They set a goal of raising $17,000 on that first March event...instead, they succeeded in raising $104,000! It has since grown to become the world's largest volunteer-driven fund raising program focused on funding childhood cancer research.

What do they stand for?

Their Mission Statement, "The St. Baldrick's Foundation is a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives", clearly defines why they exist.

Their principles, as listed below, allow participants and donors to feel comfortable with their decision to support this worthy foundation.

Integrity – Awareness of the great trust constituents place in us as stewards of the funds they raise and as partners with them in the fight against childhood cancer – guides us every day.

Efficiency – A commitment to always operate in the most cost-effective manner possible so that the greatest number of dollars raised goes directly to fund childhood cancer research.

Transparency – A pledge to be completely open with our volunteers understanding that it is only through their support of St. Baldrick’s that we are able to continue our vital mission.

Pioneering Spirit – A unique approach to fundraising that is bold and daring - the same qualities we look for in the doctors and researchers dedicated to finding the cure.

Sense of Fun – An experience that is both rewarding and fun, that people come back year after year, joining together to have a great time while supporting a very serious cause.

What have they done? Where's the money?

As the St. Baldrick's Foundation has grown from a single event on March 17th, 2000 to the world's largest foundation of it's kind, so has it's ability to help fund research to find a cure for childhood cancer. Since that first event there have been 147,000 "shavees", including 12,000 women that have raised a combined total of more than $90 million. They host events in 47 states, 1 U.S. territory and 11 countries around the world. There is a surprisingly small amount of money spent annually by the government and other organizations on childhood cancer research in comparison to other cancers and diseases (see how little here). Nearly 70% off all monies raised through their "shaving" events goes to childhood cancer research, which is a much higher percentage than other organizations. Furthermore, they do not utilize mass mailings, telemarketing or the solicitation of the government for funds. ALL of the funds raised are from volunteers and their donors during events held throughout the year, but primarily during the March Shaving Event.

What can we do to help?

You can contact St. Baldrick's at their website to find out about upcoming events where you can sign up to be a "shavee" and get sponsors to support you. Finally share this article with friends, family and coworkers. Sent them a link in an email or SHARE IT on FaceBook or any other social networking site.


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