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Start The Day With Smiling

Updated on June 25, 2019

How do you feel right now? It depends on the situation, and it could be sad or happy. If we heard about this word "smiling" What do you think about this? We could smile, and I believe we have done this every day. Smiling is a part of our life. Smiling is beautiful and beautify our face. The smiling faces can reflect the feelings of calm why I said that smiling is unique for us. I guarantee that we never regret to smile.

Smile is a beauty that was born from the heart and soul, the grace that could calm the feelings, freshness, and reassure the anxious. Smiling is is the most sincere and valuable facial cosmetic; we don't need to buy this and can be used at any time; it doesn't cause irritation and inhibits premature ageing naturally. With a smile, we can please others, the cheapest donation but full of blessing. Cultivate the spirit and show the sincerity. Therefore, why we don't start the day with prayer and smiling.

"Smiling", this is a simple word in all things, but it has strength beyond measure. In terms of implementation, this is the simple activity that we can do every day. Since we were born, the people around us have welcomed us with broad smiles, as well as teach it to us. Pull both ends of the lip upwards slightly. We can share the love with everyone. In terms of meaning, a meaning of smile is too simple. If we hear the "smiling" word, it is the first impression was the sweetest face full of kindness and love.

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Why do we have to smile?

Physically, smiling can make us always happy. A smile is an early sign of sincerity and more precious as a gift. Smiling can bring positive energy to our self and others. Of course, we need a natural smile, not a fake smile. The sincere smile that is born of spaciousness and cleanliness of heart and soul become a sign of friendship and sincerity of the purity of love. Make our face look radiant and fresh. A beautiful face without smiling is not suitable for us. A smile can change suffering into joy, creating a comfortable atmosphere for ourselves and others. The attitude of the personal body can affect feelings or mood. You're trying a simple method from me. You're sad or angry. Try pulling your lips upward, forming a smile. And ask your heart to be honest. How is your feeling right now?

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A smile can change the world.

A smile can open communication. A smile is also a weapon when we felt nervous. A smile is a universal language. If we didn't understand another language, a smile is enough to be a gesture of friendship. A smile will melt the ice. Until the anger had gone, we can spread love and peace in a group, the environment and community. How wonderful, peaceful and friendly with doing a simple thing. A warm smile is full of sincerity. A smile is a simple solution for personal and family grief or injury. Then, why don't we smile? For a friendship more fun. The world more peaceful and make our life more comfortable. We have been contributing to world peace. How pretty! A sincere smile can emit light of our hearts, inner beauty suggests a warm and friendly. Smiling capable can tighten relations between two persons, also the people around the world. Not just relationships and ties are descendants, but friendship ties and relationships based on faith. Smile, and begin each day with a smile because a smile has many benefits. The benefits of smiling, like:

1. Personality side

the appearance of a smile makes us more attractive. Smiling can reflect personal pleasant and friendly in the eyes of others, so that people feel comfortable and happy near us. With lots of smiles, we certainly have many friends. Smiling is also shown the happiness to improve the appearance of person. So the people could be more respectable.

2. Psychologically side

A smile can reduce stress and change their feelings. If we feel depressed and sad, take a deep breath and try to smile. It made our feeling better and always positive thinking. During the smile, our bodies give positive signals of life, so our bodies accept this as a gift. These same factors in creating a smile can improve the immunity psychologically because smiling makes sense and mind more relaxed. The immune function will give relax atmosphere and calm conditions. Smiling is also able to transmit positive energy to others. With a smile, the atmosphere became more relaxed, cheerful and can make others feel happy. Also, this can give us the impression to stay positive and optimistic. The optimism made people more dependable in their career, so it can help to achieve success.

3. Health side

A smile is like an exercise, where we can move the face muscles. By smiling, it helps to reduce lung infection, reduce heart disease, enhance the spirit and to reduce the two hormones in the body; those are entering and cortisol. A smile can also produce endorphins and controlling the serotonin hormone, which is has a function controlling the pain. So a smile can accelerate the healing process and relieve pain. In terms of beauty, a smile is natural anti-ageing because with a lot of laughs has a function to move facial muscles, so the facial muscles trained and healthy.

4. Spirituality Side

A smile has a function as Spiritual Conditioning, a sign of generosity and of course this is worship because a smile is a charity. The important thing is we can put a smile in the right time and in the right place.

So, start your activity with pray and smile. Hopefully, our hearts and our minds are more energetic. Please see the smiling faces from around the world below. Look their happiness.......

....... No bloods....No war......

........Peace to all of you..............

Asian Smile

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Russian smile

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American smile

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African smile

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Australian smile

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Irish smile

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British smile

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