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Start building a New Life Perspective called Progress over Perfection

Updated on August 24, 2015

Getting a new perspective about life is like discovering a Whole New World


“We don’t expect perfection just progress!”

While raising our 5 children, we had a phrase, which to this day, our boys have taken to heart and can still recite. “We don’t expect perfection just progress” in whatever you do. When you begin focusing on the progress instead of trying to be perfect you realize that you are enjoying life more through the process of progress and forgetting about being perfect. This is a lesson that will grow and soon you will begin gaining a New Life Perspective over the course of time if you allow it.

Blue Collar or White Collar it really doesn’t matter!

Regardless of your family dynamic, whether blue collar or white, we all have to deal with what I have termed the “Staples of Life.” Cooking, Cleaning, Laundry, school, work, chores, children etc… I think that you get where I am going. These are all what I call the “staples of life.”

How you look at conquering the staples of life will help you identify your strong and weak areas within the scope of “Progress over Perfection”. I was raised by a White collar family and have lived my adult life and raised our family as a blue collar family. I have seen the best and worst of both worlds. And have seen that both have a common ground upon which we can gain and build a New Perspective called Progress over Perfection.

  • The Bedroom and the Boardroom is where Dreams are conceived, but the Kitchen is where they are transformed into reality!
  • The kitchen is the hub that the rest of your life centers around!

While our hopes and dreams are discussed and dreamt behind closed doors or hidden deep within us because we are afraid of letting them out into the light of day. It is the kitchen where those hopes and dreams are brought to life, intentionally or unintentionally.

You are either intentionally walking out or building upon your hopes and dreams, or you are sleep walking through life. Either way, when you learn to measure your life within the scope of Progress over perfection, you soon will learn how to WAKE UP and begin intentionally cooking up a life with a focus on the progress. Soon you learn how to quit seeking perfection, and instead start building your life by your own unique design!

Motive behind the Food and our Food Choices

As every dietitian will tell you, the reason that you eat what you eat is just as important as the types of food that you eat. There are three simple types of motives that are found surrounding the food and food choices that we make. The life choices we make are the food for building our lives.

Our lives are no different than the foods that we eat, and are governed through the same three internal motivations.

  1. Accolades or Approval of others.
  2. Nourishment and enjoyment by others.
  3. Necessity
  • By examining your life through the lens of the above motivations, you will soon discover your source of your life’s irritation or inspiration you are guiding your life by.

Motivated by Accolades and the Approval of others

As a traditionally and self-published author of several books, I am continually asked for advice on how to get published. When asked, I respond with the question, “Why do you want to get published?” While the answers may vary from person to person, they all have basically the same answer, “I have a story to share or a message that needs to be heard, and I want to make money by publishing it.”

My next statement to the inquiring would-be author; “With my first editions of two of my books I became a best-selling author, and I made exactly $51.00.” While I make that statement sort of tongue in cheek because I have earned a bit more than that, I want to see their reaction to reality.

I have watched as many people start with a look of shock, and then erupt into laughter. Shock because of the small amount of money, and then the laughter comes because they realize that writing a book isn’t going to be the EASY MONEY they thought it would be.

It’s true, you can become a best-selling author in just a matter of a few days, however its only a “Title”. Just because you can put a few words together on paper or on a hard drive, doesn’t mean that you will sell a million copies. It only means that you have a lot more work ahead of you.

  • Three things to remember about becoming a published author or pursuing your dreams and publishing your life:
  1. Publishers don’t sell books, Authors Do!
  2. Building your life’s dream requires your active participation.
  3. Publishing your life’s dream is only an outward manifestation of your inward revelation.

Nourishment and enjoyment by others

While on the surface, wanting to help nourish or provide enjoyment to others through your life’s hopes and dreams may sound noble. It is still only seeking for acceptance and approval of others. Just in disguise.

Every chef or homemaker wants to provide the best and most nutritious meal or the most enjoyable home that they can. But they are still looking for a compliment, acceptance or “at-a-girl/boy” for their efforts. Never forget:

  • It only takes one “awe sh-t” to wipe the slate clean!

Sheer Necessity

As I said previously, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Blue Collar family or White, we all have the same basic needs and require the same “staples of life.” It is how we obtain that staple that is a work in progress. The choices that we make the steps of faith that we take in resolving our staples of life are where it requires Faith, patience, and above all endurance.

  • Growing Up is NOT for the Faint of Heart!

I was reading a letter that my Aunt forwarded to me written by my Great-Great Grandfather who owned a fleet of schooners and other shipping vessels in New York City.

In his letter spoke about once the railroad came through the need for his fleet of 3, 4, and 5 mast sailing ships where changed into other shipping vessels and within a 30 year time period, the time for sailing freight from New York to LA was no longer a necessity.

Our necessities and “staples of life” change over the course of all our lifetimes. It is how we navigate through those ever-changing necessities that make the difference.

  • It’s the endurance of your heart that will carry you through the changes.

Understanding my Love of Ships

After reading my Great Great Grandfather's letter about the shipping business, made me understand my love of Ships!
After reading my Great Great Grandfather's letter about the shipping business, made me understand my love of Ships!

The Lessons that you learn

We all have heard it said that Necessity is the Mother of All invention. And we have also no doubt heard that you can either give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, or you can teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime. Such are all the lessons learned through life.

The lessons that you learn navigating through the staples of life are photographs of your purpose in life. It’s is how you managed the ever-changing necessities that will become the valuable lessons to others on how to fish in the sea of life.

Each day you are publishing your life’s dream. Allow your life lessons to become the teaching tools that others can learn from and you will feed multiple generations.

  • Relax and enjoy the Progress that each new Day brings and Share your life’s journey with others!

© 2015 Cammy Walters


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    • Cammy Walters profile image

      Cammy Walters 2 years ago

      Wow, thank you for the enormous amount of Kind words Nancy.

    • profile image

      nancy 2 years ago

      Once again what an awesome blog. Thanks for the fish parable. I can never get the last part right. But you know me I can never get them right.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      We are spiritual beings having a human experience. If we are looking for perfection we will be constantly disappointed. ;)