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Starting a personal workout program that will be effective!

Updated on June 26, 2015

Are you just starting out?

In our world of fast food restaurants and a million different types of soda it is very easy to find yourself mourning about that extra layer of fat that has started to accumulate around your waist. You understand that you need to workout or something along those lines but every time that you try you fail miserably. If you are agreeing with every statement that I have made so far then you are reading the right article! I am going to share just some simple tips to make working out fun and relatively easy.

Common mistakes that a lot of people make...

I want you to imagine the last time that you started a workout program. I am guessing that it is about January 2nd and you have just made the same New Years resolution that you have made ever since you gained 20 lbs. This resolution would be "I'm going to get my life together and workout and become the person that I used to be." The same day that you said this you went to the gym and either worked out very hard or quit in the middle of the workout because you realized that you are not even capable of working out the way that you thought you were. In both of the situations you are making a vital mistake. When you make the mistake of working out to hard you are making the experience not enjoyable which will eventually lead to burnout. In the second situation where you disappoint yourself you just don't go back to the gym because you don't want that to happen again. As you can see both of those situation end with the same undesired result.

Working Out

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Tips to success!

I am guessing that since you are still reading you have read through the the above words and they describe exactly what you are! If that is correct then keep reading so you can figure out how to turn into a lean mean machine! I think that the best way to start out an fitness program is to just go for an evening walk. By doing this you are starting out on a positive not, and not burning yourself out. The next tip of advice that I have for you is to establish 1 big goal that you want to achieve (which you have probably already done) and then I want you to set a lot of little goals to help you achieve this (this is the step most people miss). The last step that I would recommend to start out somewhat easy and don't expect anything out of yourself when you are starting out easy, this step is just to give you a good starting point to improve from.

Simple exercises to start out with...

I am sure most of you all have in mind what exercises you plan to do but if you don't then here you go! A great one to start out with is jumping jacks. They are not high impact and they help to build up your cardio a little bit. Another great one is jumping rope! We all remember doing this as a kid and it didn't affect us all that much but believe me if you are out of shape this is a great thing to do to get you back in shape!

Designing an actual program for yourself.

This part is for you that have now achieved a fitness level high enough so that you can do a fully developed workout! There is no specific way to design a workout, but it is more what you think you need. Part of the key is just making sure that your designed workout is a workout that makes you sweat. A tip that I have for you on this is to write it down on paper and do it 2x a week to start out with. As it becomes easier increase your workout and do it more often!

Happy workout!

Have fun working out and don't give up. Remember that since it is hard it is benefiting you and it is adding years onto your life. I hope i have helped you to become a fitter person!


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