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Stay Committed

Updated on August 18, 2019
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Commitment is very important for our life's purpose. A person is judged on how committed they are by what they do not by what they say


Is Commitment visible

I personally know how not to be committed. For years I was always saying I am starting my own business, but I was not taking actions that were corresponding to what I was saying, until eventually in 2012, I finally took that leap of faith and ventured into starting my own business. I remember the hours that were poured into that business, the sleepless nights, the pain of disappointment, marketing and finding customers to supply to, the headache of having employees, but I was so committed I was ready to pay the price no matter what.

I happened that 3 years later things started to go so badly and we were losing customers to supply to as our government had made a deal with China and suddenly the Chinese were supplying the products much cheaper and all our customers went to them. It was not possible for us to sell that cheap as the production costs were far higher for us. It was so painful to finally close the doors for the dream that we had worked hard for and we had tried so many ways to revive it and in turn, it left me so much in debt. It was hard to say goodbye to that chapter.

I had to go back to the job market and it was the most painful part to start all over and look for a job again. Little did I know that it was a blessing on its own as it has taught me to rethink my strategy. One thing I realized was that when I was at that job I do not want to work for another person. From my previous business, I have learned from my mistakes and now I am aiming to start a business that will not be needing full-time staff, no working premises, etc. I have learned one thing that I am an entrepreneur and I am committed to ensuring that my vision is a success. I have realized that my purpose is not going to change, but I have changed the execution plan as I am very committed to leaving the legacy on this planet. I don’t want to just pass by this planet, but I have to make an impact.

God says to commit your works unto Him. He is looking for a commitment to what you do. He is looking for focus. When He sees that you mean what you are saying by your actions than He makes your plans successful. When He sees actions that show commitment He will bring people to help you to your vision as He can see that you are committed. He is not going to bring resources yet there is no commitment. He does not waste resources. There will be no deployment of resources without commitment.

Signs of commitment

  • Not giving up when the going gets tough.
  • Not giving up on your purpose when people bail out on
  • Be willing to lose friends for the sake of your purpose
  • Be willing to make sacrifices for the sake of your life’s purpose
  • Showing up every day no matter the conditions
  • Failing many times but not giving up, you fall but you rise again and again
  • Not swayed by promises of money and easily forget what did you commit to do

When a person is committed to another person the signs are always very visible. It means you are going to be there even during heavy storms. Your duty is to commit and God’s duty is to establish your vision. When He sees commitment He puts your vision to reality.

God is ready to make your purpose be successful but He is looking for a commitment on your side. A man is not judged by what he says, but rather by what He does. Let the signs of commitment be very visible and God will have no choice but to partner with you in your life’s purpose.

"If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams." ~ Les Brown



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