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Stay Fit, Beat CoronaVirus (Covid-19)

Updated on April 14, 2020
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Chardie Cat is an author and a blogger. He used to work in the fields of PR, Publishing & Internet Marketing. Now, he is a freelance writer.

Boosting Your Stamina to Fight the Pandemic

As of this writing, the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that around the world, there are nearly two (2) million confirmed cases of CoronaVirus (Covid-19), more than a hundred thousand deaths and more than two (2) hundred countries are affected. Unfortunately, the numbers are still rising every day. In some parts of the world, people are not only fighting against the silent pandemic, they are also fighting against hunger.

While the medical experts are working on the solutions to combat the invisible nemesis and the front liners are risking their lives to protect and save those who are infected, those who are called to stay safe in their homes are encouraged to follow the protection and safety protocols enforced by the government. Most importantly, they have been urging those who are at home to boost their immune system as a way of helping in the efforts of curbing the number of cases and decelerating the outspread of the virus. .

Many countries and territories are now implementing compulsory mass quarantines and closure of its borders. Lockdown of provinces and towns is also implemented in many regions of different affected countries where members of every household are confined in their homes, their external movements are limited and strictly monitored. So if you are in this situation right now, the best thing you can do is to follow the protocols while keeping yourself fit and healthy.

How are you going to do that?

When you are locked inside your homes for your own protection and safety, you are also saving the world. Make sure you won’t get enslaved by extreme boredom and other psychological issues by making use of your time wisely. Since we are facing a pandemic, we should impose discipline in all our activities inside our homes. Here, I am giving a few insights on how to keep yourself fit and healthy. These tips may be very common to you, but I am sure you will find these helpful during this time of crisis.

Physical Workout

While you have limited access to equipment, you have to make use of the basic physical exercises that would allow your whole body to move. Inside your house you can create and perform a customized workout program that will absolutely increase your stamina. In consideration to the space of your homes, your program can include jog in place, high knees, alternative crunches, different types of squats, push ups, and jumping jacks. Move at your own pace and when you are done, wrap your exercise with planking. Before applying your program, plan it very well and make sure you will do it regularly.

Food Diet

During a lockdown or house quarantine, most of the people are expected to gain weight. Eating will become a habit, so obesity could be a possible problem to arise. To avoid this from happening, you will need to be careful with your diet. Watching your diet doesn’t really mean you are going to deprive yourself of food. What you need to do is keep a regular meal plan with consideration to the right foods and the right nutrients content.

Your physical workout will become useless if you do not manage your diet very well and most importantly, please, avoid unhealthy eating habits—and include restricting yourself from excess alcohol or better yet, avoid its intake. Water is.also essential to your body to keep you hydrated, so make sure you drink lots of fluids or water every day.


Stress and boredom could be your common enemies while staying at home for a couple of weeks. When you are bombarded with the news on television and the feeds on social media, do not overthink. It’s not wrong to feel worried and alarmed about what’s happening outside, but this is not a time to panic. Now is the time to be in our most stable mental condition. Take a deep breath, sit down and think of the many things you can do at home.

When you are at home, you can still be productive. Travel the world through your books, explore your kitchen and create your own yummy recipes, sing with your guitar, do room makeovers, write down your thoughts, laugh with your family while watching good movies, and get a good sleep.

In this time of world catastrophe, people around the world should work together to beat the common enemy. Whatever the government is telling us to do, we must follow. By doing the simple things we need to do at home like washing our hands from time to time, wearing personal protective equipment (PPEs) when necessary, disinfecting our surroundings, and making our environment clean, we are helping our warriors in this colossal fight. Again, stay fit and help us beat CoronaVirus (Covid-19).

Finally, we also have our greatest armor to keep—and that is prayer. Together, we will rise from this quandary and continue to live and find our purpose. Be safe.


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