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Stay young year after year !

Updated on March 11, 2013

Look and Stay young !

The secret to staying young is within yourself !

Energy is the source of youthfulness and it comes from your strength. You got to have some good muscles, healthy organs and strong bones and you should be able to walk eight kilometers across the country. Apart from these you need the will to stay young and you will actually get younger with each passing year. There are of course some Do`s and Don`ts. Do not be judgmental or dogmatic. Respect the tastes of youngsters.You will find raw energy in their pursuits. Put a blind spot on your weak point like your bald head, like it never existed. Stop counting your age! it really helps. There is nothing more gratifying and rejuvenating than continuing to put your skills and expertise to use. Remember the old timers still around in the Hollywood flicks!


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