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Staying Fit After 40

Updated on June 19, 2013

It Takes More Than Exercise

Staying in shape as we age is about more than exercise. Our physical fitness depends on many different things. Some of these we can control and some we can't. Obviously we can't do anything about our DNA but we can take steps to help minimize any negative effects our heredity it may have on our physical, emotional and mental fitness.

Total fitness includes more than just being physically fit. There are stories in the news all of the time about professional sports figure who died of a heart attack or a runner who dropped dead at the end of a race. The athletes all thought they were in great condition. But, they obviously had an impairment. It is vital that we keep in close communication with our personal physicians on an annual basis to get the professionals opinion of whether or not we are fit.

On this Hub, I will be writing about various facets of staying totally fit as we age. Since I have lived through most of 7 decades I will be sharing much of my personal views but also including tips and hints from various experts in the field.

I will also be reviewing different equipment that I have found helpful and some that I have found to be a waste of time and money.

Great pumped up feeling after a Cross-fit workout session.
Great pumped up feeling after a Cross-fit workout session.

Keeping Yourself Healthy & Fit at 40 & Beyond

There's tons written about fitness these days. Go to Google, look up "fitness" and you'll get 1,270,000,000 results. That's 1.27 BILLION! A search for "health" can bring twice as many results. You will find numerous links partly because the subjects of fitness and health are important to all of us. But there are so many because the terms can have a slightly different meaning to each of us.

Full, or total, fitness suggests much more than just having the capacity to complete a marathon or to perform "X" number of pushups and "Y" number of situps. Complete physical fitness includes much more than being physically fit. Conditioning certainly is a large component of overall physical fitness. To me, the term also encompasses mental, emotional and financial fitness.

We should bear in mind that getting in shape to run a marathon doesn't necessarily protect us from collapsing of coronary heart failure the following day. Nor does it keep us from coming being infected with another major and sometimes fatal ailment such as malignant cancer.

Overall fitness will have a different meaning to a 40 year old individual than it does to a person who is 70 or 75 years old.

These are just some of the reasons why you can find so many fitness professionals these days. Each one may endorse different workouts due to the fact that one might concentrate on shedding unwanted fat and a second specialize in building lean muscle mass swiftly.

Or perhaps one might recommend a specific type of home gym apparatus for your daily routine and another claim that you don't need any equipment at all, that bodyweight exercises will be the easiest path to reach your goal.

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