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~Staying Healthy and Destroying the Cold/Flu Bug~ Naturally

Updated on February 25, 2011

Preventative Ideas:

Slow down your days by creating a schedule that puts your humanity/ your basic human needs first; ie access to good wholesome food, restful sleep, clean water, etc.

Exercise every day, eat healthy, drink half your body weight in ounces, ( ex: if you are 120 pounds , drink at least 60 ounces of water) and sleep at least 8 or 7 hours no less than 6 hours a night. Consistency with these solid basics.

This includes monitoring what media you feed yourself, give yourself only the best; the best movies, books, etc. You deserve only the very best! Quality over quantity is paramount.

*Have a time dedicated just to you everyday.

*Enjoy doing one thing at a time, and doing it with all your attention and heart.

*Learn to fully take the best care of your own needs so you can truly and loving give 100% to others and the world.


Starting to feel sick:

Most people know when they start to not feel well, at the first sign, send in help right away:

Take in lots of liquids, warm and room temp: lots of water, add lemon, or ginger, or lime.

Practice deep slow breathing, sitting up tall or lying down; practice "drinking" the air in and out through your nose. 5- 10 minutes sessions a few times a day

Increase your veggie intake

Eat light/ small meals (your body needs to use its energy to fight off the bug)

Juice some vegetables: ginger, spinach, garlic, low sugar veggies

Avoid Sugar, sugar lowers your immune system.

NO DAIRY, NO RED MEAT ( these create mucous/ heaviness in the body)

Extra vitamins

Cut ginger in pill like shapes and take with a glass of water.

Self Massage/ Stretch: hands, feet, upper back, scalp, around your various lymph nodes areas (to increase overall circulation and get the bug out of the lymph nodes)

Try a Neti-Pot! ( to clean out any germs that are in the nose/ and to clear mucous)

Get some Sunlight


With these next few the ideas is to BURN OUT THE BUG ( by heating up the body with certain foods, extra clothing and increased circulation) by lighting a fire under its ass to leave your body:

A spicy soup: with either cayenne pepper, ginger, garlic, or any other warming spice.-

Dress warmly inside with gloves, hat, favorite hoodie, socks, etc. Keep your body warm!

Before bedtime: Massage your feet, hands and or feet with oil, cover with socks. Oregano oil is the best! Increase the blood flow, throughout your body.

Massage your head and scalp

Cut ginger in pill like shapes and take with a glass of water.

Tea, with ginger, cayenne, lemon, or cinnamon, sprinkle the spice right in with the tea

Smell eucalyptus oil to help with congestion, hot-steam, and or massage this oil or tea tree oil with lotion/ another oil, (even just olive oil/ coconut oil) into the chest and upper back


Mind and Body Connection:

Do not talk or complain about how you are not feeling well, conserve your energy, focus inside, send loving, healing energy and thoughts to yourself. Feel, know yourself better and healthy. Your mind is powerful!

Rent a funny movie, or.... anything to get you laughing!! Laughter boosts your immune system, and maybe depending on how you feel, some exercise: walking, stretching, dancing.

Do things that make you smile: inside and out.

Find your coziest blankets and softest pjs to help out too!


Please note these ideas are super simple and basic and that is why they work and help tremendously. The human body is sensitive and receptive. Remember what you eat  becomes your blood cells, immune system, tissues and muscles of tomorrow, so what you eat matters! Let thy food be thy medicine is the best advice.

Also knowing and not doing is not really knowing, you may know how to take care of yourself, but are you really doing those things, or just nodding your head "yes I know" and then doing the complete opposite instead. 

~ I hope these ideas help you to feel better soon, and help you strengthen your own unique relationship with your body, mind and personal well being.



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    • hypnosis4u2 profile image

      hypnosis4u2 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Nice job Jessica - I rush straight for the veggies and fruits as soon as symptoms appear and it seems to help me get rid of them quicker.