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Steroids – Oral and injectable steroids and their side effects

Updated on May 11, 2011

Oral steroids are usually toxic to the liver. Without your liver, you will die really fast. Toxicity varies from steroid to steroid, some have safe limits but a liver supplement such as Liv-52, Silymarin are recommended to be taken along with those. Anavar is low toxic and Dianabol is highly toxic, Turinabol, Primobol, etc.

Injectable steroids are to be taken intramuscularly (IM) and the gluteus region is the safest for that, but no injection site should be more than twice in a week (once a week per site is recommended). Even the site of injection such as shoulder, gluteus, outer quads also affect the rate of release of steroid from the ester.

Injection frequency varies according to the half life of the steroid and the ester it is bind into. It is the number of carbon atoms in the ester that determine the rate at which the steroid will be released into your body for example testosterone propionate usually comes at 100 mg/ml dose and out of 100 mg approximately 75-80 mg is the testosterone wt. and the rest is the weight of the ester propionate, so if you inject 1 ml, you are getting a dose of lets say 80 mg test. Let’s say its half life is 3 days (based on three carbon atoms), so this need to be injected everyday or every other day in order to keep the plasma levels of test in your blood stable.

Indian Bodybuilder
Indian Bodybuilder | Source

Side effects of steroids

Some prefer long acting ester such as enanthanate ester and you will be doing every 4 days injection or every week injection.

I will write the keywords here for you to look into:

  1. PCT (post cycle therapy).
  2. Anti-estrogens.
  3. Viagra, Cialis for erectile dysfunction. There is a great chance you will need this, maybe permanently if something goes wrong after using steroids (I am not kidding).
  4. If you are prone to baldness, then you will need Proscar (finasteride, durasteride)
  5. For your prostrate gland Proscar maybe, saw palmetto is must..
  6. Steroid cycle length.
  7. Choose your steroid wisely, stacking.
  8. Some people just gain from steroids and some hate the PCT time. Some get prostrate problems later on and some go bald early. Some others just get totally fed up of life.

Steroids are more addictive than cigarettes, so beware. The major problems come when steroids are withdrawn. The body’s own delicate balance of various steroids is completely thrown out of gear. Unless one has an income like Sylvester Stallone, it is very difficult and too expensive. He is currently stacking GH, Testo and something else. If one is vigorously exercising till old age and taking the precautions and medications, the problem may be less. Some of the info is pure commercial hype done for non US audiences. See their disclaimers.


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