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Stevia The natural sweetener benefits and side effects

Updated on January 12, 2017

Can we imagine life without sweetener ?

No one can imagine life without sugar except patients suffering from diabetes. Sugar is an integral part of life.Party or feast,breakfast or dinner, everywhere people consume sugar as an ingradient. The consumption of sugar has risen globally over the years.Such growth has been making a growing health concern because of its adverse side effects.

Researchers have found that Sugar is a toxic substance and should be regulated like alcohol, tobacco products or drugs.

People who are highly concerned about their optimum health and weight they have been looking for the best sweetening option. Fortunately Stevia the natural,healthy and perfect sweetener with several health benifts has found.

Before choosing Stevia as an alternate firstly one should know the reason for selection.

Sugar In Its Several Forms

Roman Behar
Roman Behar | Source

Sugar The Sweet Poison and greatest threat to human health

Sugar is the worst ingredient in the modern diet. It is called the sweet poison which ruins the health gradually.It can causes Albumin and Lipoprotein, the blood-proteins function less effectively which reduced body's ability to handle fat and cholestrol.

Actually granular sugar has to go through chemical processing stage to get bright look. Chemicals used to process have harmful effects on human. Some adverse health effects are mentioned below: -

  • Reduction of high-density lipoprotein (HDL)
  • Growth of low-density lipoprotein (LDL)
  • Leads to ovarian cancer
  • Causes premature ageing
  • Leads to obesity and weight gain
  • Causes heart diseases and dibetes
  • Damages pancreas
  • Decreases insulin sensitivity
  • Causes depression or hypertension

As sugar has become the greatest health threat so people are in need of its perfect and healthy substitute. Resultantly a lot of artificial sweetener are available in the market.

Facts Behind Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners are chemical or natural compounds that replace the Sweetness of Sugar.Artificial Sweeteners increases appetite that results in increase of blood sugar,too. The body's natural ability to regulate food intake and body weight may be weakened by them.

Resultantly several side effects are experienced by the consumer. Hypertension and Cardiovascular disease vitaly in women, consuming more than two artificially Sweetened beverages.

Generally Aspartame and Splenda are used as Sweetener.Aspartame is a common chemical sweetener having possible side effects like brain tumors and irritating nature.Splenda is known as Sucralose it can enlarge both liver and kidneys. Reasearches have found that it can cause skin rashes, diarrhea, headache and stomach pain etc.

In such condition then natural and clorie free sweetener has become a compulsion. So Stevia is the perfect healthy substitute.

Stevia the wonder sweet herb

by  Herbolario Allium
by Herbolario Allium | Source

Check Your Knowledge

How was the sweet leaf green plant named Stavia?

See results

Be Familiar With Stevia First

Stevia Rebaudiana, the wonder herb is a small green plant bearing leaves which have a delicious and refreshing taste.It is a genus of about 240 species of sunflower (Asteraceae) family. Commonly known as Sweet leaf or sugar leaf. It can be 30 times sweeter than sugar.

The genus was named "Stevia" after the name of Spanish botanist and physian "Petrus Jacobus Stevua" It is also known as "Bertoni"

It grows in Paraguay, (South America) and Brazil, where people have been using Stevia leaves for hundred of years to Sweeten their food.

Steviasides, Rebaudiosides and Dulcoside are the intensely sweet glycosides present in Stevia. Stevia leaves contain protein, fibres, carbohydrates, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and essential oil which contains 53 other constituents.These contents have made stevia the healthy herb.

Stevia Sweet Leaf Powder From Amazon

SweetLeaf Stevia Powder, 4-Ounce Shaker Jars (Pack of 2)
SweetLeaf Stevia Powder, 4-Ounce Shaker Jars (Pack of 2)

Best selling Stevia brand with no calories, Kosher certified all natural


Stevia The Perfect and healthy sugar alternative

As sugar promotes cravings which leads to negative side-effects like headache, dizzeness, rashes and stomach pain.

But Stevia suppress cravings, so no negative side-effects reported.

Stevia is a non-carbohydrate glycoside compound. Hence it lacks properties of sucrose. It stimulates the release of insulin and normalizes the response to glucose, especially in type-2 diabetes.

Stevioside and rebaudioside are present in Stevia which are 250-300 times as sweet as sucrose and are heat-stable, PH-stable and non-fermentable. Obviously it has become the first choice as sugar alternative.

Plantation Of Stevia Rebaudiana

by-Herbolario Allium
by-Herbolario Allium | Source

7 Solid Reasons to Choose Stavia as Sweetener

  1. Low calorie natural sweetener
  2. Non carbohydrate glycoside compound
  3. Healthy sugar substitute
  4. Stimulates the release of insulin
  5. Lowers blood pressure
  6. Presence of Steviosides- 150 to 300 times sweeter than sugar
  7. No components like Aspartame or Splenda

7 Potential Health Benefits Of Stevia Rebaudiana

Potential health benefits of the consumption of Stevia in moderate quantity are followings:-

  1. Prevention of Diabetes - Stevia stabilizes blood sugar and increases insulin resistance. It may promote insulin production supporting the pancreatic health. Prevents glucose absorption in the blood and helps regulate diabetes.
  2. Prevent cavities and tooth decay - The antibacterial properties of Stevia help in the prevention of cavities and tooth decay. It too suppresses the growth of plague and improves overall oral health.
  3. Lowers high-blood pressure - Stevia stabilizes the blood pressure level and lowers blood pressure. It helps in checking Hypertension.
  4. Weight loss- As stevia has low carbohydrates, calories and sugar so it benefits in loosing weight . It regulates hypothalamus, the part of brain which controls hunger and helps losing weight.
  5. Rejuvenation of skin - Using a facial mask of Stevia leaves helps in rejuvenation of skin. It is used to treat several skin disorders such as eczema or pimples.
  6. Cancer - Sugar consumption drives inflammation which lead to metabolic problems. Metabolic problems are the vital cause of cancer.But the use of Stevia helps to check Metabolic problems.
  7. Pancreatic health-Stevia, too helps to maintain pancreatic health regulating insulin.

Side effects of Stevia may be experienced

WHO and FDA have approved Stevia to use in moderate amount because it's side effects may be experienced.

Caution- The US food and drug administration has not approved whole leaf of Stevia as food additives because of its experienced side-effects.

Some short term side effects of stevia are: -

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle pain
  • Numbness
  • Infertility
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Interferes with blood sugar
  • Cancer

Side Effects Of Stevia Part- 1 by steviachannel1

Side effects of Stevia

Some other side effects of stevia can be watched

Stevia Side Effects Part-2 By Steviachannel1

Of Course One May not imagine life without Sugar But may use perfect alternative

Undoubtedly sugar is a need of modern diet with adverse health effects we are in habbit of consuming it.

Habbits can not be changed in a day but atleast one can try it using the alternative. Stevia may be the best alternate to sweeten recipes to maintaint the taste


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    • Ashley Vanni profile image

      Ashley Vanni 

      4 years ago from Los Gatos, California

      Most welcome and likewise. All for global, healthful, foodie awareness and collaborations. Manja :)

    • madamrekha profile imageAUTHOR

      Rekha Kumari 

      4 years ago from Delhi India

      Thanks Ashley

      It is my pleasure to help people globally with the experiences I have been.


      Rekha Kumari

    • Ashley Vanni profile image

      Ashley Vanni 

      4 years ago from Los Gatos, California

      Our partner would love this! He is developing a food purist and awareness oriented blog and app platform to educate the consumer on healthy living, organics, side effects & benefits, and where our foods are derived from (vs food like substances).

      Thank you for sharing.



      Blogger Critic FoodMedia Startups


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