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Sticking With It

Updated on October 22, 2013
Injecting Interferon for treatment of Hepatitis C
Injecting Interferon for treatment of Hepatitis C | Source
The liver is attacked by the Hepatitis C virus
The liver is attacked by the Hepatitis C virus | Source

This is my story of dealing with Hepatitis C and end stage liver disease.

Writing about this experience has been very therapeutic for me, though reliving these painful moments has renewed much anguish and sadness. Through it all, I could not help but recognize how funny some of my failings actually were. That and the little absurdities my family and I encountered along the way helped me stay positive, which may have contributed to my survival.

Having a positive outlook can have a major impact on coping with any difficult situation.

Treating and Surviving - Putting It In Perspective

The process of treating and surviving this virus, its side effects and the damage done by the cure has been by far the most difficult journey of my life. Everything else I have dealt with before pales in comparison. This experience will dominate my attention for years to come, if not for the
rest of my life. It becomes difficult to listen to people complain about their job loss or divorce without trotting out my own story.

However that is simply one-upmanship and I feel it is better to let folks feel their own pain without pointing out how good they really have it. I know my overall experience could have been much worse and that there will always be somebody who has been through worse. Although having the last rights being read over you is pretty tough to beat.

Some of these things are ongoing, making it difficult to place them in the past tense where they should be for the sake of the narrative. It is hard to pick an ending point when it has not ended.

Writing About This Experience

Writing has been very painful and depressing at times. Some days it is very difficult for me to read through it. It affects how I act towards the people in my life often in a negative way.
If you only knew how much I have had to cut out of the story to make it palatable. I actually began to write a horror story based on what I experienced in the hospital but my mind was actively trying to block it out. I don’t want to go there anymore. I want to help educate the
medical practitioners about what a patient has gone through to cure this disease and I wish to inspire hope and resolve in those who face this disease.

It can be cured. You can get better. I did it and so can you. Remember, the cure rate is better than ninety percent and it is improving yearly as new treatments are discovered and implemented.

About Hepatitis C

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    • profile image

      Em Kay2011 3 years ago

      ❤️ I loved it.

    • Andrew C Ross profile image

      Andrew C Ross 5 years ago from Orcutt California

      Thanks Jackie and yes there is lots more and I will talk about hospitals, doctors, and others.


    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 5 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Great write and I hope you will share your whole experience, including the hospital if they in some way or ways made it more difficult. There is a need to know of everything and preparing helps get us all through difficult times. I have screamed and cried plenty, those who don't want it don't have to read, you know? A brave and wonderful thing you are doing to share. So I will share this and vote it up.


    • Andrew C Ross profile image

      Andrew C Ross 5 years ago from Orcutt California

      Thank you for your support. I hope to provide support for others as well.

    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 5 years ago from Northern California

      Your trials are shared by all of us. We are here for you and also send hope to you that you will become stronger and be able to continue to write your stories here. Writing is therapeutic for us and to be able to have a writer's community at our fingertips is a blessing.