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Stop Allowing Your Situation to Define You

Updated on June 2, 2015

Take Control of Your Situation

Okay, honestly this is one that I constantly struggle with. It's hard to imagine the future when your present situation is getting the best of you. All you can see is where you are now and it seems like the process to where you're trying to go is so far fetched. Do not let your situation get the best of you. Girl, take another look in the mirror and remember who you are! Stop creating a pity party for yourself and get up and make a change! Thank God for placing you in these situations because they are preparing you for a greater purpose ultimately. Have you ever heard the saying, "It's not what what happened to you, but how you deal with it"? Just because everything seems to be going wrong that doesn't mean you have to accept it. Take control! Maintain a positive outlook and remember the plans and dreams you have for yourself. A year later from now when you look back you're going to laugh about the situation (or at least walk away with a different perspective). If you allowed every issue you face to get the best of you then you wouldn't be as far as you are today. Understand that there is a divine purpose in your life and that everything happens for a reason. God knows what he is doing! This is when your faith matters more than ever. God won't ever put more on you than you can bear. Allow him to use you and you will experience breakthrough after breakthrough because what you went through didn't break you! But along with faith you will have to put work into whatever you are passionate about and he will make sure everything works out in the end. Also, the devil will try to put emphasis on whatever issue he knows will get to you the most. He will make it bigger and BIGGER until it finally breaks your spirit. That's why you have to be careful what you put into the universe. Stop claiming the bad and only speak on the good! If you want something claim it! There is power in your tongue. You might be broke now, but you know you won't be broke forever! Don't let your situation define you because you're great and this is only a trial that you are going through. Your season is quickly approaching. Don't give up. It gets hard before it gets easy. But in due time, you'll be back on top again.

Another thing, just because you failed at something doesn't mean you're not capable of doing it. We're all not good at things the first try. It takes determination and patience. I'm currently working on not allowing things I face to get the best of me. But with prayer and a positive mindset I'm getting better. Like I stated in my first blog it also matters about the company you keep. Sometimes you may have to separate yourself from people especially if they aren't encouraging you and they may be apart of the problem. It's not being mean and you don't have to stop speaking to the completely, but allow yourself some time and space to get yourself together. If it's meant to be y'all will come back together. But separating yourself sometimes is the best thing to do. It allows you to focus on tackling your situation and bettering yourself overall.

Ultimately, I want you ladies to understand that you control your mood, attitude, and life period. Don't let your relationship with others, your job, or finances control you! You may not be where you want to be, but God's timing is perfect. Have faith and put in work. Don't dwell in misery because that's not doing nothing but bringing your mood down and making you less productive. You got this! I want the best for everyone. Remember you are beautiful and God loves you!

Until Next Time,

Tierra Navia


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