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Stop Counting Calories and Lose Weight

Updated on February 9, 2017
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As a foodie and her own health advocate, GetFactsnotHype finds ways to create a balance within her diet, so it doesn't seem like a diet.

Before starting low carb diet
Before starting low carb diet | Source

Personal Testimonial

This diet worked for me and I lost 43 pounds in less than 5 months. I saw the biggest weight drop in the first 8 weeks with 25 pounds (lbs) from August 5th to October 5th 2013. Then I reached a plateau or a stall for awhile, then resumed losing weight again a little later, utilizing the same plan and lost 8 more pounds for a total of 33 by month three. Then the last 10 pounds lost were harder and came over a 2 month period of the 4th and 5th month, but during that time I cheated a lot, so it is all relative to what you are doing. Since this article of mine first appeared on Yahoo Voices (now defunct), I have kept the weight off and it's going on 2 years now. Every now and again when I am really bad and splurge on junk, I will go up or down 3 to 5 pounds or so.

Weight-Loss Resistant

Why am I not losing weight? After trying many things like exercise, portion control, and vamping up my body with vitamins it was lacking, I then tried changing my diet since the other things netted no real results. The diet isn't really a diet at all because I eat plenty, I am full, and I don't crave sweets very much anymore. It's not a fad or crash diet, and I am not starving myself. I don't take weight loss pills or use weight loss powders or shakes, or drink liquid breakfasts. I eat real food. It's a "no diet" diet and great for those who have tried other things with poor or no results who seem resistant to weight loss. I don't count calories and I don't count fat, but instead I just use food behavior modification.

Prior to going on the "no-diet" diet, I had been going to the gym or fitness center six days a week, with five of those days being twice a day. There was no weight lost the first week, but instead I gained about four to five pounds. I knew I couldn't be building muscle mass after only seven days, so I knew something was wrong. I kept going to the gym with the same schedule and the second week I lost the same four to five pounds I had gained the week before. Then three days later into the third week, I gained half of that weight back. I had also cut down on my portions at meal time and that along with the workouts at the gym should have netted better results, but it didn't. I was beginning to think I was never going to loose this extra weight.

I knew my vitamin B12 and D3 were low, because I had some blood work done recently, so I bought those vitamins, which was only a start. After researching vitamins and weight management on the Internet, I went back and bought four more items worth over $100, and again, some weeks later, I bought three more items totaling $56. I was now taking these vitamins along with my workouts and smaller food portions, but to no avail because there was no weight loss.

I went back to the Internet and googled weight loss resistance, which also produced results for insulin resistance. I thought I'm not diabetic, but as I read on, I found out that you don't have to be diabetic. If the weight keeps pouring on and your diet is not managed, it could then lead to diabetes. So now I was not only fat, but worried. There seemed to be a ray of hope, because the information said as we grow older, we can become insulin resistant, or weight-loss resistant, helping to create the middle aged spread and that made me feel like I was normal and not the only one this was happening to. Apparently, I was carbohydrate intolerant and that seemed to make sense, because I did have a lot of starchy things in my daily food intake and wasn't losing weight and at times gaining, so I started the diet.

The "NO" food items list
The "NO" food items list | Source

Low Carbs Dos and Don'ts

High Carbs Foods to Cut From Your Diet:

  • Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Most Pasta, unless low carb and in moderation
  • Most breads unless low carb
  • Oatmeal and Cream of Wheat
  • Cold cereals or grains
  • Gluten or soy
  • Sodas or pop
  • Sweets, desserts, and refined foods
  • Most salty snacks like bagged chips
  • Breaded or battered items
  • Most dairy

Low Carb Foods You Can Eat:

  • Meat
  • Fish and poultry
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Low carb fruits like most melons and berries
  • Low carb vegetables like broccoli, green beans, brussel sprouts, carrots, and greens such as collards, turnip greens, mustard greens, kale, spinach
  • Healthy fats like: olives, peanut butter, avocados, seeds, and food high in Omega 3s

Weight Loss Results Picture

After losing 36 pounds, my belly is significantly smaller.  It looks smaller even when I'm sitting down.
After losing 36 pounds, my belly is significantly smaller. It looks smaller even when I'm sitting down. | Source
Me at 137 lbs after reducing carbs.  I am slimmed down and less tired with more energy.
Me at 137 lbs after reducing carbs. I am slimmed down and less tired with more energy. | Source

Other Low Carbing Tips

  • Additionally, although most vegetables are good for this diet, you still need to avoid corn which is a grain and very starchy. If you really want to get serious, cut out peas too, because they break down to sugar.
  • Although canned vegetables are better than the junk food, the grains and starches, which are taboo foods in my first list (above), the canned veggies are not as good as fresh or fresh frozen (flash frozen). The canned vegetables are also high in sodium and preservatives too and sometimes even pick up that canned taste. Red vegetables and leafy vegetables are best, although you do not have to strictly eat only that.
  • Try to eat leaner cuts of meat and those that are hormone free if possible. This diet is very similar to the Atkins diet that came out about 20 years ago, only that it is slightly modified, because it's not just meat only for weeks at a time. This diet for insulin resistance is very similar to the newer Paleo diet, which is very primal.
  • You are even supposed to watch your coffee and tea intake and diet sodas, but I do break that rule too and have also lost weight. Diet carbonated beverages don't have carbs, but the artificial sweeteners have also hindered some people from losing weight particularly for those that are extremely weight loss resistant and the caramel coloring in colas is not good either.
  • Most processed pre-packaged meats like bologna and hot dogs have a low carb count, but it too has hindered some people from reaching their weight loss goals. Most processed meats or sandwich meats are full of sodium making you retain water weight and also smoked meats have nitrates, which supposedly are not good either.
  • Even most dairy has been a culprit at times. You can find low fat, or light versions of cheese, which makes a better snack than a candy bar, but not all items marked low fat or "light" are low in carbs, so read the labels.

I still have not cut out all dairy, because I do have yogurt every day and occasionally pre-packaged meat, and yet even when breaking the rules slightly, I lost 4 to 5 pounds in the first 4 to 5 days on the diet and without vitamins or exercise. Take notice of what works for you, and if needed cut down or stop those items altogether. Here is a website where you can check the carb count and compare two foods that you are considering eating.


  1. This is not intended to be taken as medical advice, and is only general guidance. If your doctor has placed you on a specific diet, then you should continue to follow that or perhaps ask first if you could combine your existing diet with this one, which cuts carbohydrates.
  2. Those that benefit the most are those who are apple shaped (with most of their weight out front) and not pear shaped.
  3. Basketball player LeBron James went on a similar low carb diet and lost a lot of weight although I don't think he needed to, but he did and posted it to a social media site. So the diet works!
  4. Most people burn sugar (glucose) to fuel their bodies, however you can attain a level of using your fat to burn fat through a state of ketosis (not same as ketoacidosis). Ketosis can be achieved with a really low carb diet of less than 50 to 60 carbs per day, which makes your metabolism work like a furnace burning off fat, however that can also lead to negative effects on the body like high cholesterol and clogged arteries. Additionally, a lot of fat in your diet from certain protein sources can for some people cause a condition called gout. You would be better off with low fat proteins, healthy fats, and lean cuts of meat, (especially fish and poultry) for your low carb diet. This means that even though bacon and sausage are low in carbs and allowed on this diet, you shouldn't have a high content of those foods on this diet.
  5. After almost 2 years on a low carb diet, my body rejected being on a low carb diet ALL the time, and I started gaining some of the weight again, so I needed to add a little more carbs that day than usual. Then back to the low carb diet the next day. You may find that you need to tweak the amount of carbs every so often.
  6. WARNING: Keep in mind some carbs are good, because if you have no carbs or too little carbs, then you could raise the ketone level in your body. In other words, low carb equals lower insulin, which in turn equals burning fat instead of sugar (or glucose), and if this is done for too long, then your blood becomes acidic and ketone levels rise. This is called ketoacidosis. You may want to check your urine with re-agent test strips, so as not to allow ketones to build up because you can then make the correction to your diet. Also you may not want to be on a low carb diet if you are taking or plan on taking raspberry ketones as a supplement. This link shows you how and when to check for ketones.

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