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Stop Now! Stop Smoking!

Updated on August 10, 2015

You Can Stop Smoking Make a Choice Today

You Are Quitting Now From This Moment On You Do Not Smoke

Take a DEEP BREATHE and hold it for 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 and breathe out...

feel your chest rise and fall, take in the air and feel how clean it is. You can feel your lungs filling with oxygen and that oxygen going from your lungs and into your blood and pumped into the heart and from there into the other parts of your body where the cells are fed and are at work to heal you now.

Every breath of air you breath now is clean. You do not pollute your body. You can taste your food better than before and everyday your taste buds are more and more alive. You can also smell scents better and with every passing moment your breathing is getting better.

Your body will not feel as fatigued when doing physical tasks of all types. You do not feel the need to gasp for air. Your body is now healing. Every passing minute your body's immune system is activating cells in the lining of your lungs to heal and repair damage that was done from smoking. Each day from this day forward your body is getting better. You are feeling better right now.

You will not smoke ever again. You are not a smoker or anything else you do not wish to be. You are capable of changing your mind and your actions. You are changing them now. You have stopped smoking. Your clothes no longer will smell like smoke. You smell nicer. Your skin is more alive and feels better. You look better and feel better. Everyday you will feel even better than before.. Your lungs feel better now and you can breathe. You never want tobacco again.

I know...

  • It cost too much money
  • It makes me smell
  • It makes my teeth yellow
  • It makes my breathe stink
  • It makes my clothes stink
  • It makes me feel horrible when I run out
  • Smoking can give me cancer
  • Smoking will hurt my family and friends
  • Smoking can hurt my unborn child
  • Smoking can cause C.O.P.D.

You don't want to smoke anymore

Imagine your life without tobacco. You no longer have to worry about smelling bad at work or in public. You don't feel judged because you don't smoke. You are physically and emotionally better. You no longer feel like you have to smoke. You feel better than you ever felt when you were a smoker. You beat your old habit and you will never go back to it.

Before you started smoking you could walk without gasping for air, you could run down the road or even sprint if you had to. Before you started smoking you were able to handle problems without reaching for a cigarette. You could deal with stress without feeling you needed to smoke. Smoking gave you a feeling of false relaxation. It fooled you into feeling euphoric for a short time. But your body played a trick on you as your tolerance went up, then you began to feel like you couldn't be normal without smoking.

Think about that, "normal" for a second. Before you ever started smoking you did feel normal. The cigarette no longer makes you feel good, it only temporarily makes you feel normal. And that's the key right there. You don't have to smoke a cigarette to feel normal, you have to stop smoking to feel normal again. Once you stop and start to feel normal again you will see that you never needed to smoke.And your bank account will thank you.

You are done smoking.

Bookmark this page and if you feel the urge to smoke come back and reread the above. You are done smoking and will never do it again.


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    • profile image

      michiuno 3 years ago

      I don't see any mention of ecigarettes in this article. For me ecigarettes are an upcoming way of getting rid of the health threatening habit because ecigarettes just supply you with the nicotine while avoiding all the harmful ingredients. Evidence: You are allowed to "smoke" e-cigs inside buildings, at work, etc. The "smoke" is just vapor and the nicotine is absorbed by the smoker, so there are no residues released into the air.