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Stop Smoking Product Reviews 2014

Updated on December 6, 2013

While it is possible to stop smoking cold turkey and never have another cigarette again, most people aren't able to do it. With the right stop smoking products it becomes much, much easier to quit.

In stop smoking product reviews we will review the best products to help you get over the initial withdrawal symptoms, we will review a best selling book on how to stop smoking and we will look at the best online programs to help you stop smoking today.

Smoking - just not worth it
Smoking - just not worth it

Why should you stop smoking?

Cigarette smoke contains 4,000 chemicals 400 of which are classified as poisons. The medical side effects of these chemicals are fairly widespread.

Smoking turns your teeth and gums brownish yellow and causes both you and your clothes to stink. You can't smell it because your body has forgotten how you smell, when you don't smoke.

Cancer: Smoking greatly increases your risk of mouth, throat and lung cancer. One in ten moderate smokers and one in five heavy smokers (smokers that have 15 or more cigarettes a day) will die of lung cancer. Less than 0.5% of non smokers get lung cancer.

Chronic bronchitis, emphysema and COPD ('smoker's lung'): All of these diseases cause you to cough constantly and struggle to breathe. In the final phases you are unable to get enough oxygen into your blood and you suffocate.

Heart disease: Smoking makes you 2 to 4 times(depending on how much you smoke) more likely to die from heart disease. Combined with higher blood pressure from smoking it can cause related damage to the veins in your kidneys, brain and legs.

In the long term your smoking can also have an adverse affect on the health of those closest to you.

Don't wait, quit today and quit for good.

Gum VS the patch

Both of these stop smoking products are intended to suppress your cravings for cigarettes over the first month. It does so by replacing the nicotine you would otherwise be getting from cigarettes. By slowly reducing the nicotine in your system the cravings are reduced but not eliminated. If you use either of these 2 products your chances of getting through the first month is doubled. I would therefor highly recommend using one of them.

The question is: which one? It depends on the nature of your cravings. If you have sudden strong cravings the gum gives you that fast fix to stop them. If you have a more spread out general craving for a cigarette, then patch, which puts the nicotine into your system more slowly, is for you.

Why do you want to stop smoking?

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Quit smoking today program

The stop smoking today program has helped millions of people kick the habit.The reason I think this method works so well, is that it's not just about how to stop smoking. It also addresses the major side effects for people who are trying to stop smoking. These side effects are weight gain and stress. It addresses weight gain with a fitness and diet program. It deals with the stress, which was a major problem for me, with the relieve stress audio recordings.

If you put this together with a great quit smoking book, then you have a formula with a very high success rate.

The creators of this program believe that you can do it without the help of the nicotine patch or gum. It's up to you. I believe you have a better chance if you use both.

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

I don't think that this book is as good as the Quit Smoking Today Method, but it has helped many smokers, so I believe it's worth reviewing.

This is an updated version of the book which has sold 4 million copies worldwide. The Easy Way to Stop Smoking has sold so well because of the word of mouth of people who where helped by the book.

I think the book's success is mainly because of the fact that the writer has a very good understanding of the underlying psychological issues of the process of quitting.

The first three quarters of the book is just about the myths and facts of smoking. The point is just to get you to decide that you really want to stop smoking. The last part goes into how to actually do it.

Something that I particularly liked about the book was that it addresses the 2 main causes of people going back to smoking. As those who tried to stop smoking knows, it's easy to quit but also easy to smoke again. The 2 main causes are friends who smoke and having a bad day and needing a cigarette because of it.

I hope you found stop smoking product reviews helpful and that you are able to stop smoking permanently.

Make this cigarette your last one - stop smoking product reviews
Make this cigarette your last one - stop smoking product reviews


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    • cblack profile image

      cblack 7 years ago from a beach somewhere

      I have had a lot of success by switching to electronic cigarettes. They still have the nicotine so they aren't completly safe but still you save your lungs because thier is no smoke or tar.

    • kellyhthompson profile image

      kellyhthompson 7 years ago from Tampa

      All of us smokers know this. But it is hard to quit.