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Stop Smoking By Using Your Imagination

Updated on February 2, 2012

Time To Stop Smoking

Do you want to stop smoking? Have you tried before and failed, wished you'd never started? Maybe you thought to yourself at the beginning of the year, that this was an opportune time to have ago again. We all know that these statements to ourselves, of our endeavour to stop smoking are far easier said than done. Quitting smoking is easy it’s staying stopped that’s the problem. There is that famous saying by Mark Twain, he stated, “Quitting smoking is easy; I’ve done it a thousand times before”. Maybe you’ve stopped before, for a day, a few days, maybe a week, maybe even a month or possibly longer, only to lapse again. Each time you do this, you know you have to face that pain barrier again. There are those people that can stop quite easily, they have one last cigarette and then stop, just like that. It can be infuriating to someone else, to see a person giving up without many problems, when themselves are going through hell. I have known people who would not smoke throughout the day, then in the evening they would smoke, maybe five before bedtime. I have also known people who would only smoke one or two cigarettes a day, and that was it, they would never smoke any more than that. Everyone is different in their dependence on the nicotine habit; some folk just have different levels of this dependency.

Better Late Than Never

Never give up trying to quit smoking, it certainly is, better late than never giving up the habit. I think most people have started smoking somewhere in their teens; it becomes less likely as they move into their twenties for them to have started. I think most people can relate to the statement “I wish I had never started”. It seems so innocent in the beginning, and you have no idea of the hold it would later have on you, if you knew that, then surely you would never have started. When you first start you never think of health factors, and to the damage you are doing to yourself. We are latter only too well aware of all the harmful effects smoking brings about, but by that time a person is well into the smoking habit.

Is there a best time to stop smoking?

Most people would look for an ideal time to stop smoking, by some period where they have no problems or stress to hold them back. This period will make them more likely to commit, and then hopefully succeed. But this is like waiting for the next eclipse of the moon; they will have to wait a long time. If at the point of stopping, and everything in life seems to be going okay, you can be sure that there will be something just around the corner, there will be problems that arise out of nowhere, and stressful times to overcome. All this can derail your efforts. There is never a right time, never a good day, if people keeps waiting for such a time, they are only deluding themselves. We have to realise that there are always going to be good and bad days on the journey to becoming a non-smoker, this requires the need to have a different mind-set in place, to be strong enough to counteract any outside attacks, on one’s mental ability to stay on track.

What help is needed to becoming a non-smoker

Some people can achieve this without any outside help or aids, but the majority will need help in some form or other. This help would be in the form of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapies) these would be used in the initial 4-8 week period. There are many NRT products on the market, skin patches that deliver the nicotine in slow doses, nasal sprays, chewing gum, lozenge tablets, imitation cigarettes that have replacements nicotine capsules. All these deliver the nicotine at different dose levels, but these levels are lower than you would get from smoking the real thing. You would only expect to rely on these aids possibly up to the 8 week period, a person would expect to be coming off them by then, but everyone is an individual, these periods are guides only. The first 4 weeks are the hardest, but after this, a person should start to decrease the dependency and use of them. From this point on, if you had managed to get to this stage, there must be a constant guard against falling back, just one cigarette will set you back in your efforts to quit. It will be an on-going battle for some considerable time, before you can go anywhere, do anything, without thinking about smoking. You need further help, in the form of your mind and imagination.

Seeing is Believing

Staying a non-smoker with the aid of the Imagination

Staying stopped requires the help of the immensely powerful imagination, through visual images. With this, you are able to offset any stress or negativity creeping in; using willpower alone is not enough. You need to acquire a relaxed state of mind, the use of your imagination is the key, and the imagination is far more powerful than will-power will ever be. The famous Albert Einstein made a statement saying “Imagination is everything” he even said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge” even Einstein realised the enormous power that this has. Harness this power of the imagination through the medium of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy; this is the way to learn how to acquire this powerful visual mind imaging. Imagination is exceptionally strong in young children, but is mostly lost in later life, and needs to be brought back into our daily lives. Get this imagination working for you and not only will it significantly help you with staying being a non-smoker, it will help you with everything else that you can imagine.


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