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Dangers Of Street Drugs Fentanyl and Spice

Updated on April 23, 2023
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I wrote this to warn others of the dangers of fentanyl and spice. Seriously stronger drugs than these two are hitting the market. Be Warned!

What is Fentanyl?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Pharmaceutical fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that doctors prescribe to treat severe pain, typically advanced cancer pain.

In prescription form, fentanyl is known by names such as Duragesic, Sublimaze, Actiq. and Oxycontin.

The street name for this drug includes China Girl, Apache, Dance Fever, and China White, just to name a few.

Fentanyl is the new drug to hit the streets all over the world. The numbers of deaths due to overdose related to this drug are on the rise and are a serious concern for UK Public Health.

Risks of Taking Fentanyl

Death! Death is the risk of taking Fentanyl.

Synthetic opioids, like fentanyl, are quickly becoming the most common drugs that cause death through overdose in the UK and countries all over the world.

In 2017, a post-mortem on a heroin-related death found the victim had carfentanyl in his system. They used carfentanyl to sedate elephants and it is much more potent than fentanyl and is said to be at least a hundred times stronger.

People need to be aware of the risks of fentanyl and that there is evidence of potentially contaminated heroin could be in circulation.

In 2019, Public Health England issued a warning after several drug-related deaths in a short space of time. Six drug users were all found dead in different locations in Essex, England. The warning named Fentanyl as the possible cause of these deaths.

Some smokers of cannabis have said they are finding their cannabis laced with fentanyl without their knowledge.

Fentanyl Abuse Rise In Accidental Over dose.

Rise in deaths due to accidental overdose.
Rise in deaths due to accidental overdose. | Source

What Does Fentanyl Look Like?

Fentanyl can be obtained in a powder form, or on blotting paper, nasal sprays or even eye droppers, which can be used to carry fentanyl. Fentanyl can also be found in pills that look frighteningly like prescription drugs.

Fentanyl is extremely dangerous, yet it is hitting the music festivals where young people go to have fun. Music festivals are notorious for drug use and its places like this where it is more important not to take the risk of taking drugs.

Corrupt security guards at some of these concerts have admitted they they have allowed drugs, including Fentanyl and Cocaine into the concert and even admit to acting as dealers and profiting from the sale of drugs at the festivals despite the risk to the user.


Effects Of Fentanyl

Fentanly makes the user feel extremely relaxed and calm. One man said he felt smashed after taking fentanly and he loved it. This man lived in filth and squalor and had no teeth, no food, no bed, no family, no contact with his family, his children or his mother. He loved fentanyl more than life and his family.

All fentanyl addicts say it is extremely difficult to deal with the withdrawal of fentanyl when they have tried to stop taking it.

This drug robs people of their humanity. We have to educate and keep on educating people about this drug. Even educated people who know the risks are risking their lives every time they take this drug and still go back for me. That is the power of this drug and it is going to kill many, make sure you are not one of the many.

Fentanyl Effects


Spice Synthetic Weed

What Is Spice?

Spice is a synthetic marijuana (weed). It is a synthetic cannabinoid. Users describe Spice as being like cannabis but much more stronger. Also known on the streets as K2, Blaze, Black Mamba, Bombay Blue and Genie. Spice is taken by smoking it. Known as a legal high for a while, spice was made illegal under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016

Spice is turning people into zombies. Shocking harrowing images of groups of people slumped over, bushes, laid in the road all paralysed. These people are dying. They all know and say once you take these drugs you are addicted and there is no way back. There is no treatment or help and people will die.

Spice resembles herbal cannabis in appearance and is either smoked or vaped.

Withdrawal from Spice include tremors can cause Diaphoresis which is profuse sweating a condition that can be fatal. Other symptoms of withdrawal can include irritability, nightmares, sleep disturbances, tremors, severe anxiety and depression and difficulties with concentrating.

Some suggest that taking fake weed can cause your eyes and ears to bleed.

Why Take Spice?

There can be many reasons why someone would smoke synthetic weed. Whatever the reason they are struggling and in deep trouble mentally.

People take spice even at risk of killing themselves because they have no love. They have no love to give and are incapable of receiving love. They are desperate for love but trapped in an horrific life without much hope.

Those addicted to any drug are someones loved one. Many loved ones are going to be addicted to these fake weeds and many are going to die.

Spread The Warning

Spread the knowledge of the dangers of these two drugs, fentanyl and synthetic weed. Our children and everyone we love could become victims to these drug.

There are many drugs out there on the streets and at the festivals. This is the era of the drug culture and it is a sad time.

People need to have facts about street drugs. They need to be fully aware of the dangers and the devastating effects of these drugs. Cities all over the world are already struggling to deal with drugs fentanyl and synthetic weeds like Black Mamba and drug users are dying. Drug use and deaths through accidental overdose of more potent drugs, is going to escalate.

We live in a drug culture and already we have lost many good people through accidental over dosing.

Would you risk taking a street drug knowing what you now know?

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