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Stress Fracture Foot: It HURTS so bad! Learn to prevent it here.

Updated on September 16, 2009

Stress Fracture Foot: It HURTS so bad! Learn to prevent it here.

Many people deal with pain from motion heavy activities. These pains are usually associated with stress fractures. How do you overcome this if you are an athlete or like physical activities? Continue reading...

So the basic idea behind a stress fracture is when you take a body part and work it to a point of overuse or exhaustion. This usually takes place when you are working a muscle to its point of extreme tiredness or fatigue. After the muscle has entered this point it usually cannot take its use. For example, if your foot has past the point of fatigue and continues to take a beating from walking or running you will increase chances of a stress fracture.

So this muscle that is taking the beating has to displace the feeling of impact to an alternative source. This alternative source turns out to be your bones. Once the muscle is tired the bone carries the pressure. This is when it is common to see fractures in that particular region of pressure.

A popular stress fracture is the stress fracture foot. A stress fracture foot is familiar to people who use their feet to walk or run over long distances. For instance, joggers, walkers, marathon participants and runners. These people can notice if they have a fracture in their foot by looking to see if their is swelling or some sort of tenderness around the area of the foot. This is accompanied with a very sharp pain. However, there are ways to beat the stress fracture foot.

Ways to overcome a stress fracture foot:

  • if you can, try not to run for long distances
  • likewise, try not to walk for long distances
  • if you feel that your foot is starting to hurt, stop putting pressure on it!
  • take it easy when playing physically demanding sports
  • train properly
  • get better equipment (i.e., shoes)

These were some stress fracture foot remedies. Practice this and you will reduce the pain in your feet and limit stress fractures. Nonetheless, if you happen to experience a stress fracture foot stay off of it, take pain medication and see a doctor. I hope this helps with you curiosity of stress fracture foot situations.


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