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Stress Fracture Tibia - The Pain! Save Yourself!

Updated on September 16, 2009

Stress Fracture Tibia - The Pain! Save Yourself!

Okay, one day I was running. It was your typical morning exercise: 5 miles of heart pumping goodness. I notice that I was starting to have this pains in my shin area. I thought, this cannot be good. I wondered what this could be. So, I decided to read up on what was going on in my shin area (I did eventually see a doctor, but I wanted to inform myself before I had the easy way out). Nevertheless, what I found out in my research is my tabia bone was suffering from my morning jogs, so I thought. Here is what I learned about the stress fracture tibia.

The tibia is the is one of the two bones in your lower leg region--the bigger one of the two. It is the bone that takes the impact for your leg when you do things like walking or running. At times, this bone can suffer from a fracture because it cannot withstand the load that was placed onto it.

Here is when you can probably consider that you have a stress fracture tibia:

You will feel some sort of pain in your shin area (kind of like what happened after my run).
You will start to see a bump from the swelling in the area that is hurting you.

If you feel anything like this, don't be like me and wait. Go to your doctor immediately to find out if you have fractured your tibia.

There are many causes for a stress fracture tibia. It usually occurs with people who run for long distances, for example marathon runners. It is common for this type of runner because of all the different types of land he or she is running on. This change can cause the fracture. Also the excessive nature of the run can cause the muscles to get tired and not support the load. Therefore, this leave all the weight on the bone, which increase the chances of a fracture.

So to fix a stress fracture tibia you will probably have to do some of the following. Common sense will tell you to go see your doctor. Take what common sense has given you. He may say, rest for several weeks, meaning keep off you leg. You will also have to figure out what caused you to have the fracture in the first place.

This was just a little bit on the stress fracture tibia. It hurts, but you can get through it. Be able to identify why it happened and see how you can prevent it in the future. That is the formula. I hope this was a little informative. I know I learned a lot.


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