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Stress Hives?? Seriously?

Updated on October 6, 2011

A Little About Stress Hives

Stress hives are red raised and swollen areas on the skin that seem to suddenly appear. They tend give a stinging sensation that makes you want to itch all over, lasting from hours to sometimes weeks. Oh yes, and they can happen anywhere on your body. Having just gone through an episode of this nasty little stress related nuisance, I thought I would share a few things a person could do to help relieve themselves from the headache.

Some Medical Ideas

I guess the best thing to do is relieve yourself from ALLstress in your life. Right…Like that’s gonna’ happen. The next thing to do, is to make sure it is not accompanied by any type of fever or swelling in the throat. This could mean that there may be something more going on, and you should consult a physician. If you’re not sure, you should do this anyway. The next thing to do would be to hit the local pharmacy and find an over the counter ointment that will relive hives and rashes, such as: Hydrocortisone or Oxyhives. Ask your local pharmacist, they can be a real help. Taking tepid baths or showers help to relieve the itching also try not to get the water to hot or too cold, it tends to irritate it. Wearing loose clothing around the affected area keeps the itching factor down.

Stress Relievers

Some other things to work on would be to start relieving some of the stress in your life. Delegate some of your work and home responsibilities to help lighten the load. I’ve never heard of anyone dwindling away from doing less work around the house. Stop thinking you have to do it all. Set up some “YOU” time. That’s right, just you, no one else. Read a book, write a book, go for a walk, meditate, do yoga, whatever trips that stress reliever trigger. Just find time to do your own thing and forget about everything else. A regular exercise program has been known to help relieve stress, too. If need be, talk to a friend or consult with a professional to help get started on a less stressful lifestyle.

Well, hopefully this has been helpful. I know I wish that I would have known more about this before the outbreak. Maybe it will help someone else toward leading a low profile less stressful life style; I sure know it has changed my daily agenda.

Always remember to consult your physician when there is any doubt about any medical condition.


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    • tamron profile image

      tamron 6 years ago

      I got hives from stress. When I was taking care of my husbands mother. She had Alzhiemers and diabetes. 24/7 job! Never did I have time to myself! I got hives,vomiting and my hair falling out so I can relate to the sign Good Morning Let The Stress Begin! I didn't want to get out of bed because I knew what my day would consisted of. Vote Up! Ping Ya!