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Stress Presentations And Propagations: The Effect Of Its Types

Updated on February 23, 2014

Positive Stress


Good (Positive) Stress

Stress can be seen as positive (good stress) and negative (bad stress), both of which manifest from a variety of sources. Sometimes we have the perception of stress being a pathology caused by over-activity or by a factor far away from us. Contrary to this belief, our activities, our environment, the little things around us which matter are exactly the causes of stress.

Good Stress (Positive)

Positive stress is that which invigorates and enriched life leading to achievement of goals and success in life. Basically, stimulation is necessary to make us aware of our environment and react for self preservation. Generally speaking, everybody needs some level of pressure (stress) to perform very well. This is because it provides the stimulation necessary to achieve creativity and innovation. In certain circumstances, stress enhances performance by creating the extra energy needed to meet the demanding situations. Stress, in this case, becomes a spice of life.

This is positive stress. The person experiencing positive stress is alert and in control of the situation. He takes life as it comes, dealing with issues and problems without becoming over anxious. When the pressure is out, he is able to relax. He becomes very confident, having allowed tension to flow out of the body. He experiences a high level of self- esteem.

Negative Stress


Bad (Negative) Stress

Negative stress or distress is that which leads to lack of productivity inefficiency, breakdown in health and other stress related disorders.

Faced with sufficient resources, the stress reaction is triggered and the affected becomes tense and anxious. His energy, sapped and his perception of life becomes distorted. He struggles to cope, making his performance drop dramatically. Such a person, in this situation feels exhausted, his stress becoming distress. This is Negative stress. He, in this situation becomes out of control and every incident becomes a problem to him, making life appear to revolve round a series of crises. He becomes anxious and exhausted. He is constantly tight and unable to relax. Such a person seldom laughs and is totally unable to enjoy life.

Stress does not come simply from having too much to do. It arises from situations that leave you feeling you have no control over matters. So when a person’s coping mechanism fails, he or she leaves the domain in eustress and enters the area of distress and dysfunction which could translate to physical disorders, organ disease, psychological peoblems and behavioural symptoms and disorders.




Two Kinds Of Stressors

Internal stressors come from within us- our attitudes, thoughts, belief system, and feelings that make our stress worse. External stressors on the other hand come from specific events, the general conditions outside us, including jobs, relationships (getting married, separation or divorce), home, money, health, minor frustrations like traffic jams or arguments and so on.

The quality of our daily life is inseparable from the quality of our environment consisting of the air, water, soil, sunlight, various vibrations, radio, waves, cosmic rays and numerous other energies that are constantly received and channeled through our nervous system.

© 2014 Funom Theophilus Makama


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