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Stress Relief Balls - Simple Stress Relief

Updated on May 14, 2014

Relieving Stress One Squeeze at a Time

With the increased pressures put on us due to our fast paced lives, most of us are suffering from stress to some degree.  This stress that we all feel can affect our lives in many ways including our health, relationships, and even our work.

But there are many ways that you can relieve stress, or at least provide temporary stress relief when you are feeling it the most.  Even simple things as taking a walk during your break at work, or just going outside to get a breath of fresh air can make the difference between you feeling stressed and feeling good.

One of the biggest challenges is getting stress relief at work.  Most of us work in fast paced environments, full of deadlines, and that doesn't work well if you need to get rid of some stress right now.

Many people find that a stress relief ball can make the difference, and though the "therapy" only takes a couple of minutes, the stress relieving properties can work wonders for you.

A stress relief ball is essentially a malleable ball that you squeeze.  The idea here is that it gives your mind something to focus the stress on, and in turn you pass the stress onto the ball, giving you stress relief.  I know that it might sound a little silly, but if you have never tried it, you should - they work wonders.

Also, stress relief balls are small enough that you can bring them to work and unobtrusive enough that they can be used in most work situations.  So, if you are feeling a little stressed with work, life, or anything else, give a stress relief ball a try and squeeze that stress away.

What are Your Favorite Stress Relief Methods?

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