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Relief for Stress

Updated on February 16, 2020

Stress Indicators

If anyone is experiencing some or most of these symptoms: anxiety, nervousness, high blood pressure, shortness of breathe, restless sleep, upset stomach, light headed or migraines. It’s likely an individual is stressed. Stress is difficult to control and left untreated can severely affect a persons health.

However, good stress causes excitement and motivation, for example, celebrating a birthday, landing a new job, opening a new business, getting married and so on. Good stress elevates moods, stimulates the brain and improves health. Stress is unavoidable. Identifying good and bad stress helps a person manages stress much more effectively.
Suffers experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This condition is where suffers have survived traumatic mental and emotional incidents. They are less sensitive to others and the outside world. Health professionals are needed to manage PTSD victims. Over seventy percent of health issues is due to stress.

Managing Stress

Coping skills seek comfort in overeating, drinking alcohol, heavy smoking and are inactive. Do not indulge in toxic coping, it escalates stress levels. Exercise is highly recommended, it helps to make a person more in control of their life when things are out of control. Examine the stress situation positively, this strategy helps in managing stress more successfully. Make a list of achievable goals. Working towards accomplishing these goals puts a person on a path to wellbeing.

More coping skills follows; take self-time and be still, practice breathing skills, breathe in for five seconds, hold for five seconds, then exhale for five seconds. This exercise oxygenates and relaxes the body. Take a shower it’s a great mood booster.
These are just some coping skills and will help reduce stress significantly.


Food as Medicine

Food has the power to optimise tens of thousands genes. Doctors don’t understand the the power of food. Medical professionals do not know how to apply food as medicine.
Diseases can be caused by food and cured by food. For example, high fibre diets, diets that help with detoxification, anti-inflammatory diets.

The most powerful anti-oxidant on this planet is dark chocolate. Not the sugary version. It lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow, protects skin from the sun and improves brain function.

Medical professional have found that food as medicine is effect against diseases.

“Enjoy The Sound Of Silence.”

- Timothy Salter

Impending Stress

A large company announced, to employees, that in four months time their jobs would be terminated. Over two thousand workers would lose their job. Therapists, psychologist and trauma therapists were brought in for anyone who may need help adjusting to the news.
There were some who were willing to rise to the challenge of finding another job. Some wanted to find self-employment so that they would not be in this situation again. Others were at a loss as to what they wanted to do but were optimistic about their future.

Stress techniques were passed onto the workers who had made appointments with the therapists. Overall it was a difficult time for the workers, but this change was inevitable.

Some take on the challenge and are optimistic about their future. Others find these stressful situations difficult to manage.


Find Your Happy Place

Ask yourself, “Where is my happy place.” Actually, your happy place is right in the centre of you. Some lose themselves and in the process find themselves. And you arrive at the realisation that you know exactly what you want out of life. Your happy place goes with you everywhere. Be bold but not aggressive and step out of your comfort zone. It may be scary. Others cannot do this for you. Past mistakes are lessons not regrets. Pity parties are no help. Shake off mundane routines, take a different route to work. Enrol in a craft class. Making good choices or bad choices helps you realise what makes you happy. Move forward don’t look to others for their approval. And arrive at a point where you can exhale.

5 stars for Relief for Stress

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