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Stress - The poison from inside

Updated on August 30, 2012

A feeling of stagnation

When life comes to the point where you feel like you are in between everything, where nothing changes and you don't really know where you are going. Stagnation is the word for it, when live has come to a halt, and your way that used to be o clear has sort of been wiped away. That is where the stress comes in to my life. It creeps on to me slowly, as the stagnation and feeling of misplacing gets bigger the stress rises from inside. When I notice that it is there, it already have a grip on me and I'm lost in it's vortex of frustration.

The feeling of stress is the worst one I know. It eats you up from inside til the whole you is no longer aware of what peace and quiet means. Restless I have trouble sleeping, and my stomach becomes painful anytime I try to eat something. My pulse is higher than normal and I can't rally sit still and not do anything anymore.

Stress is one of the most dangerous states in our body, not only does it cause problems mentally, it puts the physical body under huge pressure and ready for battle on an everyday basis. Slowly it tare your body down and if you are under longtime stress you will have a burnout and a breakdown that you have never known before.

Beat the stress, before it beats you

There are plenty of tips and ways to handle stress. I have explored this since I burned out badly in a very young age,so I know what works for me.

  • Meditation - This is my top tips for almost everything regarding stress and mental health. Meditation has helped me trough so much, and for me it has to do with getting in touch with myself. The variation of meditation are great, explore and find your favorite method. Meditation is not crazy or for a certain type of believing, it is for everyone and you should not fear the contact with yourself.
  • Listen to what YOU are saying - What you say to yourself don't have to be through words. Your body and soul communicate in many ways, so learn how to really listen to what you are saying.
  • Say no - If you tend to take on to much, try to say no sometimes. It may seem hard, an all the drama of what people will say and such. Try it and you will see that you aren't really needed always, people can do anyway.
  • Stop care about everybody else - I don't mean that you shouldn't care about others, what I'm saying is that you should not care so much about what others will say, think, so or whatever. The most important person in your life is you,so do what you want, regardless if the rest don't like it.
  • What do you want - figure out what you want, what s in your way,and how to overcome these obstacles. Nothing is unbeatable.


Meditation eats you up from the inside. Prevent this by meditating and listening to your self. Become great, calm and strong.

"Be one with yourself and all things will some to you" - Unknown

Which type of meditation is your favorite?

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    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 5 years ago from SW England

      I don't meditate and never have but I often think perhaps I should. I know others find it useful and a good technique for breaking down stress. I recognise my own stress and I know how to deal with it but it doesn't always work! The best way to beat stress, for me, is to lose myself in other people, especially my grandchildren. Young ones give and accept without thinking and they make me laugh and laughter is the best stress-buster of all. Good hub with good advice. Voted up and useful. (Oh yes & thanks for the follow!)

    • jeshon profile image

      jeshon 5 years ago

      Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you like my hub :)

    • profile image

      MYWIKISTEP 5 years ago

      A very contemporary article. I will follow this.

      Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of situations, specially in work where there seems no way to change and overcome.

      Alternatives and ways to deal with, @jeshon are mostly useful.

      By the way, I voted Dynamic meditation.